Nov 7, 2022

Falling for ButterCan Pumpkin Coolers; How to Make Your Own

How-To: ButterCan Pumpkin Cooler

Whether you’re throwing a fabulous Friendsgiving, indulging in a solo Winesgiving or having a huge dinner with the whole family, this FUN-ctional pumpkin wine cooler is a wine-derful way to show off your creativity and ALSO your *impeccable* taste in wine. 

Imagine showing up to the festivities with a pumpkin full of ButterCans…very pro move! 

So, here’s how to make your own ButterCan Pumpkin Cooler:

STEP 1: First things first: pour yourself a tall glass of creamy Butter Chardonnay (or your fav Butter Wine of choice! Smooth Butter Cab? Yas. Crisp and creamy Butter Bubbles? You go girl.)

STEP 2: *Carefully* open up the top of the pumpkin. Cut it at about the middle half to have max room for wine. 

STEP 3: Scoop out the pumpkin guts and set the seeds aside for later! (PRO TIP: Use a hand mixer to easily get the goop out of the inside! #LifeHack) 

STEP 4: Fill your pumpkin to the brim with ice and ButterCans (the bigger the pumpkin the more Butter you can fit inside!).



Now that your pumpkin is primed and ready to go…what to do with all the pumpkin seeds? 

If you’re really looking to #treatyourself this fall, pour yourself a melt-in-your-mouth glass of Butter Chardonnay and try out one of our favorite pumpkin seed recipes:

This plump lil pumpkin cooler is the *perfect* addition to GNI (Girl’s Nights IN), Winesgiving parties, fall porch hangs, and everything in between. Put your pumpkins to use in a #Butter way this fall.

Don’t carve your cooler with an empty glass! Pour your favorite Butter wine and turn up our Sweater Weather JaMs on Spotify to keep the vibe right where you want it.