Nov 15, 2022

The Ultimate Winesgiving Playlist

Turkey, stuffing, Butter wines, and Kacey Musgraves…all our fave essentials for a totally rad Thanksgiving Day celebration.

You’ve probably got a lot on your plate (and hopefully in your glass), so we took “creating the perfect Thanksgiving playlist” off your to-do list. 

Welcome to our Winesgiving JaMs playlist on Spotify, poured by yours truly. There’s guaranteed to be a little something for everyone around your table, so tune in, turn it up, and treat your guests to the Thanksgiving playlist that everyone will *definitely* be asking you to share.

We’ve included some of our favorite JaMs, like:

I’ll Be There for You – Theme from “Friends” | The Rembrandts

How could we *not* kick off our Thanksgiving playlist with this cult classic? 

Biscuits | Kacey Musgraves

A funny PSA to mind your own biscuits. Miss Musgraves never misses…

I Want to Thank You | Otis Redding

At its core, this day is all about being grateful. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a song more perfect for your Thanksgiving day feast fest than this.

We Are Family | Sister Sledge

If you’re not singing (aka yelling) this song at the top of your lungs during Thanksgiving dinner, you’re doing it wrong. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. (But we do make the #Butter. Get yours here.)

Pumpkin Pie | The California Honeydrops 

A song about pumpkin pie? While we’re washing some down with some Butter Cab? OH YES PLEASE. 

Harvest Moon | Poolside

A vibey take on a feel-good favorite, this classic song is the perfect addition to our Thanksgiving playlist and for your festive celebrations.

Wherever you are this Thanksgiving–however you’re choosing to celebrate–sip back, relax, and tune into our delish Thanksgiving JaMs playlist on Spotify. Just like our Butter lineup, there’s a little something for everyone here. 

Happy listening, ButterLovers! 🎶💛🎵