Nov 14, 2022

5 Tips for a BUTTER Winesgiving Eve

Thanksgiving is ~such~ a vibe. 

Turkey and wine and we’re feeling fine. But there’s *so* much pressure to create the perfect Turkey Day celebration, and too many of us end up running around on Thanksgiving Eve like a turkey with… well, you know. 

If you’re hosting (or attending) a Thanksgiving feast this year, you can’t just wing it (hehe see what we did there?). No–it has to be done right. So. Light a candle, pour yourself a big deeelicious glass of #ButterChardonnay and prepare to get pumpkin *spicy* with these Thanksgiving Eve tips.

It’s Winesgiving ✨prepared✨…

Let the Cooking Commence

‘Twas the night before Turkey Day and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for YOU–the hostess with the mostess. That’s right. Save yourself some time on the actual day and prep as much as you can on Thanksgiving Eve. 

Put your white wines in the fridge, lay out your glasses & set the table! Look at you go! Pour a glass and reward yourself for a job well done. 

Most side dishes can (and should!) be made the night before, so all that’s left to do in the morning is turn on the oven, turn up the tunes, and tip the silky-smooth Butter Cab into your glass. *chef’s kiss*

Pumpkincor, But Make it ~Chic~

Pumpkin décor is cute, for sure. But hear us out: what about pumpkins filled with everyone’s favorite bev?? 

Your guests are going to be feeling extra #thankful this Turkey Day when you pull out the Pumpkin filled with yummy grab’n’go ButterCans. Click here for the full how-to. Basically, prep the pumpkin on Thanksgiving Eve then all you have to do on the big day is fill it up with those ice-cold ButterCans before the guests arrive.  

Festive and FUNctional?? It doesn’t get much Butter than this.

No Peeler? No Problem

Picture this: It’s Thanksgiving Eve and you realize that you don’t own a veggie peeler. Oops. 

Don’t fret! All you have to do is boil your potatoes then immediately stick them into a bowl of ice water, and voilà, you can easily slide off the peels with your fingers. How’s ~that~ for a Thanksgiving Eve hack?? Be sure to share this Thanksgiving Eve trick (and a tall glass of Butter) with your favorite aunts–they might learn something new! 

Your job now: official couch potato. Bottoms up, babes!

Pump(kin) Up the Thanksgiving JaMs

Thanksgiving Tip #4: Setting the vibe. 

We know that you (hopefully!) have a lot on your plate, which is exactly why we’ve done our research and put together the perfect playlist for your party. This Thanksgiving Eve, sip back, relax, and prepare the gravy with our groovy Thanksgiving JaMs playlist on Spotify

*Just Add Butter*

Turkey too dry? Add butter. Mashed potatoes too bland? Add butter. Aunt Susan getting stressed about the stuffing? ADD BUTTER

This Thanksgiving Eve, make sure you’ve got enough Butter for all the babes. Get all your Turkey Day supplies here. Our refrigerators are stocked and our stomachs are ready. HBU? 

We hope this Thanksgiving Eve is stress-free and full of the good things in life: food, friends, family and wine that keeps on flowing. #blessed