Oct 18, 2022

Monopoly Got a JaMmin Makeover!


Calling all board game lovers! ICYMI, Monopoly (maybe the most popular board game ever??) is releasing a brand new Napa Valley board, and none other than yours truly will be featured on the board!


To celebrate the release of Monopoly’s Napa Valley Edition, JaM Cellars will be hosting a Monopoly JaM-athon in our Wine & Music Studio in downtown Napa Valley on National Monopoly Day, Saturday November 19th. Come on over, sip back and play with us!


Here are some of the deets:

  • There will be three 4-person Monopoly teams at our cozy booths (space is tight, click here to reserve your FREE spot now!) Snag your rezzie!
  • The games begin at 11:00am sharp, so make sure to grab your spot and fill your glass ahead of time!
  • The winner from each team will be awarded a special JaMPrize, fit for a true millionaire.
  • Sip and play! Choose your fav flight, bottle, or glass to sip on during the game. Plus, our famous JaMbytes are available to keep you from getting “hangry” mid-game. 
  • The lucky winners will get to take home their own Napa Valley Monopoly board!

Put your drinking–err, thinking–hats on, because the competition is looking fierce!