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Rich, Bold, Californian Wines to Love Every Day

Our wines live up to their names: rich & bold Butter (Chardonnay, ButterCans, Sauv Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cab, and Bubbles), and berry-licious JaM Cabernet. We make easy-to-love wines that celebrate every day!

John and Michele

Meet the “J” and “M” in JaM Cellars — second-generation Napa Valley vintners, wine & music lovers and fans of fun, John and Michele! They are the “J” and “M” in JaM.

“After almost a decade crafting ultra-premium wines in the Napa Valley, we decided to make some super-approachable wines that could be enjoyed anytime — whether that’s a special occasion, an everyday celebration, or any day of the week that ends in Y!”

— John and Michele

JaM Cellars History

John Gets Dirty

Employing the skills his father taught him, John (the “J” in JaM) starts a vineyard management business, growing grapes for others, getting his boots on the ground, flexing his vintner skills, and saving funds to one day plant his own vineyards and make his own wines.

JaM's Debut Performance

Husband & wife team John and Michele respond to the economic downturn by launching their namesake wine label, JaM Cellars, with the bold and berry-licious JaM Cabernet at under $20.

A Star is Born: Butter Chardonnay

A byproduct of a simple conversation at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival, the success of JaM Cabernet prompted us to create the rich, creami-licious Butter Chardonnay starting with just 1000 cases. It's now sold in all 50 states!

The Lineup Expands

Toast Sparkling joins the JaM lineup — Butter, JaM and Toast are not just for breakfast anymore!

JaM Gets a Home in Napa

The JaM Wine & Music Studio in downtown Napa opens its doors and turns the concept of a tasting room on its head. Open late with daily happy hour toasts and live music JaMSessions – imagine a recording studio’s eclectic lounge (except you don’t have to be a groupie to hang here).

BottleRock & JaM Cellars Team Up

Our inaugural year as a presenting sponsor at BottleRock made for a festival of epic proportions. Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, and Red Hot Chili Peppers are just a few of the artists who graced the very first JaM Cellars stage.

Turn It Up to Eleven

Butter Chardonnay becomes the #2 selling chardonnay in the US’s $12+ category! To celebrate, we release ButterCans, your favorite creami-licious chardonnay in a convenient, on-the-go 4-pack that quickly became the #1-selling chardonnay in a can.

Wine and Music — What a Sweet Relief

JaM Cellars begins our partnership with Sweet Relief — livestreamed JaMHappyHours featuring Lisa Loeb, G.Love, and more — to raise money to help musicians in need. Read more here.

A VIP Experience

Dave Grohl performs up close and personal on our JaMPad acoustic stage and lounge at BottleRock Napa Valley.

More Butter!

Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles join the lineup—now there’s a Butter for every occasion!


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Supporting Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, helping artists in need