Oct 12, 2022

Making Fall BUTTER: The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Pick out your coziest sweater, throw on a thick blanket scarf, and grab a deliciously smooth bottle of Butter Cab (or crisp and creami-licious Butter Chard, you can’t go wrong!): fall is finally here! 

To help you get in the festive spirit, we’re sharing our ultimate fall bucket list. It’s full of all the quintessential fall activities you can’t miss—like carving a pumpkin—as well as tips for new fall traditions–like making homemade pumpkin bread or helping a friend rake leaves (a.k.a. you bring the Butter and provide moral support). 

Keep scrolling for our fave fall bucket list! 


Could we even call this a fall bucket list roundup if we didn’t put a pumpkin patch at the top of the list? Hardly…

Grab your partner, put on your coziest flannel, and go find the perfect pumpkin. If you really want to pumpkin-spice things up, choose a local spot that offers BYOB––and pack a few chilled and creami-licious ButterCans for a post-pumpkin-picking celebration…or during… we won’t tell anyone! (Psst, don’t forget to stream our Sweater Weather JaMs playlist on Spotify.)

Throw a Pumpkin Decorating Party

After you’ve picked the perfect pumpkin, it’s time to JaM it up! Another fall bucket list must-have.

Whether you’re the carving type or you prefer painting, your plump pumpkin is probably begging for some decor. Invite your besties over, crack open some smooth-as-butter Butter Cab, and get those creative juices flowing! Check out some of our favorites for inspo–from simple stencils to insta-worthy floral centerpieces:


Make A Backyard Bonfire

We’ll take any excuse to make (and eat) s’mores, ya’ll. For the best smores you’ve ever eaten, open a bottle of JaM Cabernet and use peanut butter cups instead of milk chocolate squares. #omg

List The Things You’re Thankful For

Research shows that practicing gratitude leads to a happier life. Even if what you’re grateful for is a deeelish glass of wine (Butter Bubbles anyone?) and an afternoon to sip back and relax, so be it.

Toast Pumpkin Seeds

If you’re not afraid of pumpkin guts, they’re easy to roast and even easier to eat. Toss ’em in a salad, mix them into homemade trail mix or just snack by the handful. Wash ‘em down with a cold glass of Butter Chardonnay for an epic fall treat.  

Host a Fall Movie Marathon

With the colder, cozier days ahead, there’s no better time to celebrate the time-honored tradition: fall movie movies + drinks with the girls! Here’s what we’re sippin on this fall:

When Harry Met Sally + Butter Cab

Speaking of the classics… This movie is a classic for a reason, and year after year it’s cozy, playful humor keeps us coming back for more. Dazzling Central Park in the fall makes this a great movie for curling up in a cozy sweater with a glass of rich, smooth Butter Cab and some popcorn.

Practical Magic + JaM Cabernet

This is a the perfect fall movie choice for those of us who want to pretend that we outgrew Hocus Pocus, but still want the perfect fall movie for a movie night in with the girls. Pour yourself a glass of JaM Cabernet, open your hidden stash of chocolate, and light some candles to set the mood. 

Autumn In New York + Butter Chardonnay

For a fall movie a little more grown-up, the scenery in this favorite is enough to make you want to book a fall trip to the Big Apple. Our creami-licious Butter Chardonnay and a sleeve of your favorite pumpkin cookies are probably less expensive though…

Hocus Pocus 2 + Butter Bubbles

You can pretend you outgrew Hocus Pocus, but we won’t tell anyone that you watched Hocus Pocus 2, which FYI is now streaming on Disney+. Treat yourself to a fall movie night that your younger self would have only dreamed about; crack open a bottle of Butter Bubbles and get the popcorn going while you watch your favorite witches dance across the screen again. #adulting

Pack A Fall Picnic

Fill your picnic basket with the essentials: ButterCans, a warm baguette, and enough cheese for 15 people—even if it’s just for you.

Take a Hike

Do a little research to see what kinds of historical, outlandish, or other landmark tours are available in nearby neighborhoods. You’ll learn more about where you live and probably take some fun pics for your Insta along the way! Psst: Don’t forget to grab a cold ButterCan as you head out the door.

Try a New (EASY-PEASY) Fall Recipe

Another classic fall bucket list item: trying new recipes! There are literally thousands of pumpkin-flavored recipes to choose from. We’ve done some of the legwork for you, so you can just sip back with your glass of Butter and enjoy filling your home with yummy smells. 

Deck the Halls 

Give us all the faux-fur pillow covers and cable-knit throws. Throw in some plush rugs and let the cozy vibes take over. For more inspiration, take a peek at some of our favorite Halloween door decorations.

Cozy Up With A Good Book

Take it to the park, your local café, or just… sip at home! Whatever suits your fancy. Here are some fall reading list ideas to pick from. 

How about that for an epic fall bucket list?? Make sure to tag us in all your fall list activities on Instagram and don’t forget to sign up for The Scoop for more festive fall content, wine releases, and live music events!