Oct 7, 2022

HalloWINE Snacks So Good It’s SCARY

Happy Hallowine JaMFans! It’s time to get this party startled. Keep scrolling for some of the spookiest snacks on the block paired with some deeelicously gourd wine… 

Popcorn + Butter Chardonnay 

Give your ghoulfriends what they really want this HalloWINE: salty popcorn and a glass of ice-cold Butter. Because we’re all just here for the boos…👻🥂

Brownie Bat Truffles

So terrifyingly good, these fudgy bat truffles will fly away faster than you’d think. Serve ‘em up with berry-licious Butter Cab and your ghouls will be howling in no time. 

Witch-Finger Pretzels

Want to really creep out your party guests? Look no further than these fearful (but oh-so-delicious) witch fingers. This Halloween snack is truly to die for. Pair it with our creami-licious Butter Bubbles for an extra-pleasing spooky Halloween snack. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble…

Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

Having to make a Hallo-wine snack at the last minute is a very grave situation. It’s a good thing *this* grave only takes 20 minutes to throw together! Almost faster than opening a bottle of Butter… 

Ghost Cookies

The best way to never be afraid of ghosts? Turn them into cute little sugar cookies. These spooky ghosts will be a hit at every Halloween party and are far easier to make than they look! Did someone say Sugar?? Pack ‘em in the wagon with your grab-n-go ButterCans and hit the trick-or-treating route!  

Pecan Caramel Spiders

Not into candy, but still want something crunchy + sweet? These candied pecans are so perfect for you, it’s scary! This creepy crawly Halloween snack recipe will be your halloWINE go-to year after year. (via Delish)

Scary Halloween Puppy Chow

Chocolate, peanut butter, and plenty of Halloween sprinkles give new life to Chex cereal and the best part? It only takes 15 minutes. More time for sippin!

Mummy Brie

Thanks to puff pastry, your basic baked brie becomes a totally spooky Halloween appetizer. Pair it with our fruity JaM Cabernet while you pass out candy, watch reruns of The Addams Family or hang out with the ghouls. 

The scariest parties are the ones without Butter, so make sure to stock up ahead of time. Keep the ghouls happy by having Butter delivered straight to your door in 60 minutes or less.

After all the tricks of being an adult, it’s time to treat yourself–JaM style, of course. Eat, drink, and be scary, babes. 👻🖤🎃