Oct 12, 2023

Halloween Party Tips: A Grown-Up Spooky Season Bash with Butter

Halloween Party

Grab your ghouls because JaM Cellars is about to put the BOO in Booze. We’ve got all the Halloween party tips for throwing the best spooktacular soiree for grown-ups. Make sure to stock up on your fav treats like creamy Butter Chardonnay and rich Butter Cab so you can sip and spook the night away. Who says Halloween is just for kids??

“BOO-ze” Your Butter Bestie. 

You’re never too old to treat or trick. Maybe you’ve heard of the tradition of “boo-ing someone”—well, level it up a notch and “boo-ze” your besties with some Butter Chardonnay! Download these supes cute tags to place on your fav Butter wine, drop it on your bestie’s porch, and wait for their reaction. They’ll continue the tradition and soon everyone in the neighborhood will be in the spooky szn spirit.

Spooky Snack Bar


You can’t par-tay on an empty stomach! You’ll want to have a spooky spread for guests to snack on while they sip their berry-licious Butter Cab. Think graveyard cupcakes, witch’s fingers, and brownie bats. These sweet treats are perfect to snack on alongside Butter Cab’s juicy red-fruit notes, and Butter Chardonnay’s creamy citrus flavors. Adorn your snack table with an array of frighteningly delish Spooky Treats.


Pumpkin Up the Party


Cute AF festive decor that’s also functional?? Say less. This ButterCan pumpkin cooler is the  best way to impress your guests and keep your easy-to-love extra chill. Ditch the super expensive coolers and grab a big ole pumpkin from your local patch or grocery store. Here’s how. Pop your addy in the Wine Finder and see where to grab ButterCans near you and fill up your cooler!


Spooky Spiked Drinks


Butter Bubbles, toil, and trouble. Grab the creami-licious Butter Bubbles and check-out these truly spine-chilling (and truly delicious) wine-tails.


Black Magic — This eerily delicious potion is fruity, juicy, and a little bubbly! Muddle some blackberries at the bottom of a cocktail glass, pour about 4 ounces of your fav fruit juice, and top it off with juicy Butter Bubbles. For extra scares, add a couple lychee eyeballs!


Witches Brew — Start with the sherbet flavor of your choice, cover with pineapple juice, and add a generous pour of Butter Bubbles. Equal parts fizzy, festive, and delish, this spooky wine-tail is sure to fright and delight!


JaM to festive tunes

And finally, you can’t throw a party without a JaM-GOOD festive playlist. Hallo-Wine JaMs is the perf playlist to get your peeps groovin’ all night long. From the classic “Monster Mash” to eerie hits like “Thriller” — this playlist is sure to get the party jumping!


Trick or Treat Yourself


What’s scarier than ghosts and goblins? Running out of Butter (GASP). Make sure your cauldron stays stocked with lush Butter and JaM wines all weekend long! Find it in the wine aisle closest to you, or start the party early and have it delivered to you in 60 mins or less with Drizly, InstaCart, or Amazon Fresh


Happy haunting!