Oct 6, 2023

DIY Pumpkin Hacks That Are So Much Butter Than Carving


Check out these super cute DIY NO-carve pumpkin decorating hacks that are so easy, you can sip your Butter while you do it. Now you can have the spookiest porch on the block without going through the trouble of carving and scraping. We’ll pass on the pumpkin guts, thx. 


Trick or Treat


Put the “treat” in trick or treat with these super cute donut pumpkins. Grab an assortment of mini pumpkins from your local grocery store and start designing. A classic pink sprinkle? Black and white paint for a cookie and cream flavor, and even some cute sprinkle beads will help take this design to the next level.These cute lil painted pumpkins will make your porch look extra sweet. And while we’re talkin’ treats, be sure to reward yourself with some creami-licious Butter Chardonnay after this project, you deserve it.


Boo Thumbs Up


Okay, you don’t even need a paintbrush for this one, so it may be our fave. These little ghost thumbprints are the perf way to deck out your pumpkins. Thumbs covered in paint? No prob—pop a straw in a chilled ButterCan and sip sip away! Grab your pumpkin of choice and put some white paint on a paper plate. Dab your thumb in the paint and make prints all across your pumpkin. Once they’ve dried, take a black marker or sharpie and add some eyes, and maybe a smile if your ghost is friendly.


Who’s Your Mummy


Three items, five minutes, and one pumpkin are all it takes to make this frighteningly cute pumpkin mummy. Find the gnarliest pumpkin at the patch, extra mummy points if it’s got quirky features like scratches, scars or warts. Get some gauze or white tulle from the craft store and some giant googly eyes. Wrap, glue, and stick—TA-DA! You’ve got yourself a mummy pumpkin that looks so JaM-SPOOKY, you’ll have to reward yourself with a glass of Butter Cab.


Spike It Up


Be the envy of your neighbors with an adorbs pumpkin cactus! And while you’re at it, spike up your life with some lush Butter Bubbles. What’s better than sippin’ bubbles while getting festive? You’ll need: a large planting pot a pumpkin that fits in the pot, green paint, some fuzzy pom pom balls, and some flowers! Paint your pumpkin and add some pizzazz by popping on fuzzy white balls to mimic the classic cactus prickles. 


There you have it, JaMFam! Easy ways to get festive without sacrificing your sips. Make sure to stock up on your fav Butter Chardonnay, smooth Butter Cab, and creamilicious Butter Bubbles so you can have a Butter-ific pumpkin decorating party.