May 2, 2023

Two is BUTTER Than One: National Wine Day & International Chardonnay Day!

ICYMI both International Chardonnay Day AND National Wine Day fall on May 25th, making it a DOUBLE wine holiday and the perfect day to grab some friends, get some snacks, and let the wine flooooowwwww (not that we really need an excuse to break out the Butter)! 


Whether you’re reaching for our classic Butter Chardonnay or sippin some JaM-GOOD Cabernet, we’ve got the tips to make sure this #ThirstyThursday is anything but boring! Keep scrolling for a few ways to celebrate International Chardonnay Day and National Wine Day… 👇

Blind Butter Tasting

Impress the besties by showing off your mad senses during a blind wine taste test. This is a super fun way to try new varieties or quiz yourself on some of your fave wines! 


Grab your friends and some JaM Cellars wines, place the bottles in paper bags and number them. Can you tell the difference between smooooth Butter Cab and juicy JaM Cabernet? Take turns trying the wines and giving your best guess. Winner gets a bottle of Butter, obviously. 🏆

Get Down to Fizzness

JaM wines are totally delish poured from the bottle, but if you’re in the mood to get a lil ✨fancy✨while you’re celebrating this national wine day, try making one of our fun winetail recipes!


Celebrating early? There’s no better way than to kick off the morning with a cold mimosa, or what we like to call: a Toast-mosa. Take your chilled bottle of Toast Sparkling and add one to two ounces of your favorite juice (we like pomegranate or grapefruit  juice for this!). JaM Tip: Sprinkle some pomegranate seeds in for a lil extra pizzazz! *chef’s kiss*

Berry-licious Butter Bubbles

Butter Bubbles + fruit juice of your choice + mixed berries = HEAVEN 


Pro tip: freeze your berries beforehand to keep your berry-licious Butter Bubbles extra chill.

Creamsicle Toast-mosa

Celebrate National Wine Day the creamsicle way! This one is pretty simple–just blend together one frozen vanilla yogurt cup (or a couple of scoops of froyo if you prefer), half a can of orange juice concentrate, and a bottle of #ToastSparkling and viola.

Pack a (Wine) Picnic 

If you’re looking to celebrate international chardonnay day AND national wine day outdoors, we recommend a picnic! 


Whether you’re chilling in your backyard, a park, or the beach, you only need a few ingredients to put together the perfect wine picnic. Grab-n-go ButterCans are perfect for taking your favorite sips on-the-go. Pop a few in your cooler, pack some of your favorite cheeses, crackers, snacks, and a blanket and you’re ready to relax and WINE down at your fave destination. 


(Check out this blog post for some tips on how to have a Butter picnic.)

Happy International Chardonnay Day + National Wine Day from JaM Cellars!

Whether you’re sharing a glass (or two) of wine with the besties or heading out to the park with your crew, we hope that your double wine holiday is full of Butter and your favorite besties. 


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