Apr 3, 2023

It’s Mother’s Day, Let’s PLAY!

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (you’re welcome for the heads-up if you forgot!) and we’re pretty sure we found THE BEST way to celebrate this oh-so-special day. What does Mom (YOU!) want most? More time spent together sipping and laughing, of course! 🫶

This Mother’s Day, grab your special Gal  and a bottle of Butter and spend an hour or two laughing and learning about each other with JaM Cellars’ hilarious “Mother Daughter Challenge.”

How to Play the “Mother Daughter Challenge”

Get ready to take your bond to new heights and make some sweet new memories! This is a fun and easy game that basically just involves asking each other a bunch of personal and fun questions over a few glasses of your favorite wine. 🥂 Quality time + Wine time = Happy You, Happy Mom!


What you’ll need:


  • paper
  • pens
  • A chilled bottle of Butter Chardonnay (or your fave JaM wine!)
  • Wine glasses for everyone playing (and listening!)


First, you each come up with about 10 questions you’ve always wanted to ask each other. It’s really a game of “who knows who better…err…Butter?” and the results can be hysterical, enlightening and endearing–trust us! Once you have your questions, open your chilled Butter, take a few starting sips and begin! 

Our fav questions with the most hilarious answers are:

  • “What’s the best/worst recipe you make?”
  • “What did I get in trouble the most for growing up?”
  • “Which of my outfits do you love/hate the most?”
  • “What’s the funniest thing I did as a kid/as your Mom?”
  • “What secret about me do I think you don’t know?”
  • “What about me reminds you the most about you?”
  • “Who is your most/least favorite of my boyfriends?”
  • “What’s the best/worst piece of advice you ever gave me?”
  • “Which bad/good hair day hairstyle do you remember?”
  • “What’s my top catchphrase–the thing I say the most?”


How to play:


  • Mom asks first–of course!
  • Both of you write your secret answers to that Q
  • Reveal your answers to each other..
  • If it matches her answer, you win a point. 
  • Take turns asking questions and revealing your answers until you’re out of questions. 
  • The winner of the game is…both of you, obviously! 


And there you have it, babes! You’ll be reminiscing, sharing stories, and discovering new sides of each other you never knew existed. In the end, the real winner of this challenge is your unbreakable mother-daughter bond, strengthened with each shared laugh, heartfelt revelation, and precious memory created. 

Don’t forget to check us out on social @JaMCellars on Mother’s Day to see how Butter Babe Leilani and her mom, Melinda  tackle the Mother Daughter Challenge! Sip, smile & share!

Happy Mother’s Day — Cheers to You, Mom! 🥂

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