May 1, 2023

Team Faves: BottleRock Bites & JaM Wine Pairings

JaM Wine and Food

Are you ready to elevate your taste buds and savor some of the most delectable food and JaM Cellars wine pairings at BottleRock? Our amazing team is here to give you the inside scoop on our favorite food and wine combos you simply can’t miss! You can check out the full line up of Food & Drink vendors (including yours truly) HERE.


With our sumptuous wines and an array of mouthwatering dishes to choose from, your festival experience is about to become truly unforgettable.

Butter Bubbles + Imagination on Fire’s Fried Chicken Sando

It’s hard to think about it without my mouth watering, but this is a classic combo: @Imagination_on_Fire’s crispy, salty, fried chicken sandwich with a hint of spice ZINGS with Butter Bubbles bright, crisp fizz. 


Plus Butter’s creaminess cools the fiery spice of the crispy coating and sauce. Sooo looking forward to it, thanks Chef Erik! 


– Sarah, Chief Marketing Mastermind

JaM Cabernet + Mustards Taco Bar

JaM Cabernet + Mustard’s Grill Taco Bar are my go-to for BottleRock weekend! I love to get a trio of street tacos, which are the perfect mid-day festival bite… not too heavy and gives you just enough to power through the headliner!  Perfect with JaM Cab because it’s bold and rich… just like a good taco!


– Ashley, Brand Magician

Butter Chardonnay + Goose & Gander’s Burger

I love our Butter Chardonnay with the JR burger from Goose & Gander!  The richness of the gruyere and bacon matches the lush richness of Butter and the savory aspects of the burger highlight the bold tropical fruit flavors the Butter delivers. So delicious with duck fat fries. It is truly a decadent pairing! 


– Michele (the M in JaM)

Butter Cab + Gerard’s Paella 

I’ve had past years at BottleRock where I’ve eaten Gerard’s Paella for just about every meal at the festival! In a situation where I’m running around constantly and tend to forget to eat, a dish of this incredible paella gets me to sit down and savor every bite. 


And, though certainly appropriate to enjoy at any time of the day, my favorite paella moment is right after sunset, lounging in the JaMPad, and pairing it with a well-earned glass of smooth Butter Cab


– Greg, Director of Media Magic

Butter Bubbles + Morimoto Asia

I love our Butter Bubbles with Morimoto Asia’s Chasu Pork Bun! A crisp bubbly is the perfect complement to the salty pork and fresh veggies. Morimoto Asia’s fresh and delicious cuisine is the PERFECT pairing for a glass of juicy Butter Bubbles.

– Mackenzie, Queen Market Booster

Butter Chardonnay + Drewski’s

I’m pretty on-to-go the whole weekend with BottleRock, and all I want during that time is my go-to comfort food: grilled cheese! That’s why I love grabbing a bite from Drewski’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Truck! And what goes best with a gooey and delicious grilled cheese? Butter Chardonnay, of course! All those rich, creamy flavors blend so perfectly! It’s *chef’s kiss* 


– Emily, Promotional Maestro


If you haven’t already, snag your BottleRock tix and treat your senses to a culinary and auditory feast! Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on these delish BottleRock food + JaM Cellars wine pairings, your festie experience is about to be totally amazing. Are you getting hungry yet??


The JaM Fam can’t wait to see you at this year’s BottleRock!