Jan 17, 2022

Sips’n’Tips for Watching the Big Game!

The biggest football game of the year is about to start.

Even if your favorite team was out of the running a long time ago, it’s still fun to celebrate by eating, drinking…oh, and watching the game, half-time show (and don’t forget the half-time show and awesome ads too.)

We all know what we’re really looking forward to when Sunday rolls around: the wine and the snacks. It’s just not gameday without ‘em. Follow our fab five sips’n’tips to rock your game-day gathering.

Check these FIVE sippable gameday tips to make your Big Game party one for the books:


1. Pre-game Throwbacks

Who’s here for some of the best commercials of all time? Remember puppet frogs, pint-sized Darth Vaders and Clydedales? Give your guests chilled, personal-pour-sized ButterCans and pre-game your way through this fun throwback list of iconic ads while you wait for the main event.

2. Pump Up with the Perfect Playlist

Nothing sets the mood like the perfect playlist. Channel your inner coach, quarterback or wide receiver and get pumped for the game with the Game Day Party Playlist on JaM Cellars Spotify.

From JaMs like “We Will Rock You” to the actual “NFL Theme Song” you’re sure to get your guests pumped and ready for the game, all the delish snacks, and JaM Cellars wines you’ll be serving.

3. Take Your Game Day Spread to the Next Level

Okay, so we might not win a professional football match but, when it comes to wine and food you’ll find no fumbles here. We’ve got this locked and loaded:

Below are some of our favorite, easy-to-share snacks that go great with the JaM Cellars line up for the biggest game of the year, so you can take home the Best Host trophy. Duh!


Spinach Artichoke Dip + Toast Sparkling

For an easy, cheesy dip the whole crowd will love, we suggest NYT’s Spinach Artichoke Dip.

Bubbly and dip are a great game day opener to get the party started. Make sure to have plenty of cold Toast on hand for thirsty guests; here’s a hand guide for buying enough wine!


Boneless BBQ Wings + JaM Cabernet

If your saucy wings are drenched in a sweet, smoky barbecue sauce, try a wine that’s equally as flavorful. Our JaM Cab will enhance each bite of dripping wings with its lingering notes of blackberries and vanilla. Who knew wings could be so bougie? (We did! We knew!)


Better Mac and Cheese Bites + Butter

Mac and cheese has met its match! Delight your adult guests with a fun little throwback to childhood in the coolest way possible.

For a totally hands-on experience check out these Mini Macaroni and Cheese Bites that literally everyone at your party will enjoy. To keep in the theme with delicious, handheld fun, serve your mini mac and cheese bites with ButterCans–which are perfectly splash-proof so you can clutch them while you yell at the players on the screen. We’re already drooling!


JaM’n Berry Baked Brie + Butter Cab

This easy-baked brie recipe comes together in no time at all, so you can spend more time watching the big game than cooking. ​​Serve this delicious berry-baked brie with bread, crackers, apple slices and smooth-as-Butter #ButterCab of course.


4. Games for Game-Day Sippin’

Do you love drinking wine? How about watching football games? Why not combine your two passions into one, amazingly fun game?

It doesn’t matter if all of your game day party guests aren’t paying close attention to the players on the TV–these games will provide all the entertainment you need….

Touchdown “Cheers!”

One of the simplest Big Game sipping games, enjoy your favorite JaM Cellars wine whenever a touchdown is scored! At touchdown time have everyone sip, or have everyone rooting for the opposing team do a cheers. Your house, your rules!

The “Big Game” Bingo

Print out a handful of bingo cards, pass ‘em out, and race to get 5-in-a-row first. In this version, the winner gets to choose their fav glass of wine, so make sure you have plenty of #ButterChardonnay on hand for the lucky winner.

Commercial Sip-Ups

The commercials are everyone’s favorite part of the game, right? To really take home the gold each player picks a category (e.g. automotive, beer, soda, snacks, insurance etc.) and gets to sip when their industry ad runs.

Penalty Pours

Even though football penalties aren’t a great thing, it can mean fun for your guests! With this drinking game, have everyone drink each time there’s a flag. Make up your own rules, you’re the coach in charge here!


5. Don’t Be Afraid of Taking it Easy

Just because you’re hosting the big game day party, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to sit down and enjoy yourself, too!

There are tons of easy football snacks worthy of a touchdown dance, and you can always ask your guests to bring sharable sides potluck-style. Or, simply order some pizza and have JaM Cellars wine delivered, and call it a day. You have a game to watch!

JaM Cellars pro tip: with plenty of wine on hand, you’ll win no matter what team scores. And, if you do run out, you can order more JaM Cellars wine directly to your door with Instacart, Drizly or amazonfresh. To get your favorite JaM Cellars wine delivered to your door in 60 minutes or less, head to our shop page!

Do YOU have any tips for celebrating the big gameday? Share them with us @JaMCellars FB, or Instagram and tell us how you’re planning on celebrating this exciting sports holiday!


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