Aug 17, 2022

Little Luxuries Make Everything Butter!

With a Little Butter, Everything is Better!

Butter was made to make any day a little bit better–simply deeelish, easy-to-love wines for under $20!

Rich Butter Chardonnay (in single-serve ButterCans too!), smooth Butter Cab, and creami-licious Butter Bubbles—there’s truly a Butter for every taste, mood and moment. 

Read on for the skinny on 10 Butter-ific ways to enjoy all the Butters, even beyond the dinner table and create a little every-day luxury in your life…

The Scoop

1. Wine Walk: What better way to get your daily 10k steps than by grabbing a cold ButterCan and your Butter yellow Hokas? Head to a local trail, walk around the block, or wine walk to your bestie’s house (don’t forget to bring her a ButterCan too. (Butter yet? Tune into the Butter Hiking Happy Hour playlist here!)

2. Butter Bubbles in the Bath: Turn your boring bath into a better bubble bath with creamy, sparkling Butter Bubbles! Soak the stress away tonight with a warm bath and a side of chilled Butter Bubbles. And remember no glass in the bathtub…grab a cute plastic flute here

3. Not so Guilty Pleasure: Order a large pizza, open some Butter Cab, and binge-watch your fav feel-good TV show: Ted Lasso, Schitts Creek, Friends, Big Bang Theory or New Girl…because you deserve it. Haven’t seen these yet? What are you waiting for? Go grab a glass and enjoy!

4. Day of the Week with “Y”: What are you waiting for? So what it’s a Tuesday? We’re celebrating life! Invite your besties over, pop open a bottle of Butter Bubbles and toast all the things you’re grateful for today. Need some help? Here’s 57 gratitude prompts to get you started! 

5. Treat Yourself to a Nail Spa Day: Choose something bright and fun! Bonus points if your nails match your ButterBubbles label… 💅🏼(Keep your eyes peeled for our Butter Yellow Orly nail polish IG giveaways!)

6. Treat Yourself: Did you notice chardonnay rhymes with shopping? Well in which case crack open a bottle of creamy, smooth Butter Chardonnay pour a splash and do a little online shopping!

7. Sunset Selfie: Walk to a place where you’ll have a great view of the sunset. Bring a cozy blanket, your Butter Chardonnay, and a bestie to snap some selfies with. #NoFilter

8. Eat In Outside: Make your favorite dish (pasta, steak, roast chicken, macaroni and cheese) for dinner and pair it with our luscious Butter Cab. Try these tips for an at-home picnic for the ultimate GNI (Girls Night In!).

9. Buy the prettiest flowers at Trader Joe’s, go home, and open a ButterCan while you make yourself a bouquet to admire all week.

10. Home Alone? Throw a “me” party! Throw on your jammies, turn up the tunes (epic playlist HERE), open your favorite bottle of Butter, and dance like no-one’s watching. Because they aren’t!

The Scoop Butter Bath

Whether you’re on-the-go, staying in, indulging in wine-time, girl-time, me-time, Butter’s got a wine for you that makes any day better and a lot less boring. 

Find your Butter in the nearest wine aisle, or simply have it delivered by our fast and fun delivery partners!