Jul 6, 2023

This Summer, Beat the Heat with Butter!

Nothing says ✨SUMMER✨ quite like an ice cold glass of creamy Butter Chardonnay in hand, hanging out with the besties, and the tantalizing aroma of your favorite grilled foods floating through the air. 


But, you know what’s even Butter…er, better?? Staying *cool* while you savor your summer sips. Don’t let the summer heat kill your buzz! Read on for our top tips for keeping cool with Butter this suhhhhmmer. 🌞

Tip 1: Throw an Epic Butter Pool Party

What’s better than a pool party? Especially one with your fav wine?? Even if you don’t have a pool, you can still bring allll the summer vibes with fun decor, water games, and of course — Butter Chardonnay or Butter Bubbles!


Transform your space into the PERF place for summer sippin’. Create your very own tropical oasis with inflatable palm trees  and flamingo floaties.  Add a splash of Butter-themed decorations for extra pizzazz! Giant yellow pool floatie anyone?? Encourage your guests to dress in their finest pool attire (we’re digging this CUTE suit) and bring their favorite Butters. Don’t forget to add some hilarious pool games, like Slip ‘n Slide or a water-balloon fight — these self-sealing water balloons make it super easy! You’ll keep cool AND savor your sips even more. 

Tip 2: Keep Your Butter Cooooool 


Butter Chardonnay is especially deeelish when served with the perfect chill. When you’re playin’ and splashin’ in the sun all day, you’re gonna want your Butter EXTRA cool. We found some super cute keep-your-wine-cool essentials so you don’t have to!


We LOVE these insulated wine tumblers! Perf for keeping your Butter cool for sipping all. day. long. These super cute tumblers come with a lid so you don’t spill a single drop of that liquid sunshine! To keep your Butter bottles sip-ready, we love this picnic cooler. It’s collapsible for easy travel and has plenty of room to store a few bottles of Butter Bubbles and Butter Chardonnay (and a couple ButterCans for good measure.) PLUS — it comes in Butter yellow??? Yes pls.


Tip 3: Sip while you Swim


When you’re swimming, you’re gonna want to have your Butter Chardonnay close by. Lucky for you, ButterCans are the BEST pool day companion! But you’re gonna want your hands free so you can swim, splash, and play. These drink holder floaties are the PERF way to keep your wine on deck while sittin’ — err, floatin’ pretty. ButterCans fit perfectly into these super cute drink holders, so they’ll be floating by your side for whenever you’re ready. Now you can sip back and relax in the pool with your fav drink!


Tip 4: Create the Ultimate Summer Playlist

No party is complete without the perfect soundtrack, and a summer gathering with Butter is no exception. 


Create a lively and eclectic playlist featuring summer hits, feel-good tunes, and even some wine-themed songs. From “Sweet Home Alabama” to “Escape (The Piña Colada Song),” your guests will be groovin’ and sippin’ along to these infectious beats. And if you want to get reeeeally creative, have a Butter-themed karaoke session where everyone takes turns belting out their favorite summer anthems. Trust us, it’ll be a hit! (can we weave in Summer Festival JaMs?)


Here are a few of our summertime playlists to help get those creative JaMs flowing:



As you and the besties gear up for a summer filled with cool vibes and unforgettable memories, don’t forget to keep your spirits soaring with melt-in-your-mouth Butter Chardonnay! With its smooth and luscious taste, Butter is the perfect companion for all your summer adventures. So, grab a bottle (or two!) and get ready to bask in the sun while sipping on pure delight. 🥂


Don’t feel like going to the grocery store? With our quick and easy delivery partners, Drizly, Instacart and Amazon Fresh, you can stock up on your favorite JaM Cellars wines in 60 minutes or less! Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue, a poolside gathering, or a relaxing evening under the stars, having a few bottles of chilled Butter on hand is a surefire way to keep the good times flowing.


Disclaimer: Please remember to drink responsibly and ensure that all participants at your pool party are of legal drinking age. Safety should always be a priority, even in the midst of summer shenanigans. Cheers to a fun-filled summer with JaM Cellars!