Jul 17, 2023

The BEST-JaM Music to Sip to…

Here @JaMCellars, we believe that great wine and great music go hand in hand. Just like a perfectly curated playlist sets the mood for a memorable experience, our wines have their own unique vibes that blend perfectly with our fave albums. 


Sip along on this musical journey fro every mood and taste with delish wines and the albums that match their vibe. Get ready to sip, savor, and groove to the beats of JaM Cellars!

Butter Bubbles + “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa

Pop open a bottle of creami-licious Butter Bubbles and let the effervescent fizz transport you to the dance floor. As you enjoy the crisp and refreshing flavors, Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” album provides the perfect backdrop. With its infectious beats and retro-inspired sound, it’s a match made in music heaven.

Toast Sparkling + “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac

Indulge in the sparkling delights of Toast Sparkling and let the harmonies of Fleetwood Mac’s iconic “Rumours” album wash over you. Both are timeless classics that evoke feelings of celebration, love, and bittersweet nostalgia. Toast to life’s moments and get lost in the magic of this sparkling wine and melodic masterpiece.

JaM Cabernet + “Dangerously in Love” by Beyoncé

Unleash your inner diva with a glass of JaM Cabernet while immersing yourself in the soulful and empowering tracks of Beyoncé’s “Dangerously in Love” album. The smooth and velvety notes of our Cabernet Sauvignon perfectly complement the powerhouse vocals and heartfelt lyrics of Queen Bey.

Sugar Sweet White + “Confetti” by Little Mix

Let your taste buds dance with the sweet and lively flavors of Sugar as you groove to the vibrant beats of Little Mix’s “Confetti” album. This combination is a true party starter, as both the wine and the album deliver a burst of joy, energy, and pure fun. Get ready to raise your glass and sing along to. Every. Single. Track. 🥂


Butter Chardonnay + “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John

Escape to a whimsical world of nostalgia with a glass of deeelish Butter Chard, perfectly paired with Elton John’s iconic album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” The rich and creamy notes of Butter Chardonnay blend seamlessly with Elton’s timeless melodies and heartfelt lyrics, taking you on a journey through the highs and lows of life.

Butter Cab + “The Colour and The Shape” by Foo Fighters

Rock out with the bold and intense flavors of juicy Butter Cab, while immersing yourself in the electric energy of Foo Fighters’ “The Colour and The Shape” album. Both deliver a powerful punch that leaves a lasting impression. Raise your glass, crank up the volume, and let the combination of wine and music ignite your senses.

ButterCans + “Eagles” by Eagles

For those moments on the go, grab a can of ButterCans and enjoy the smooth and easy-drinking qualities of our Butter Chardonnay in cute ButterCans, perfectly complemented by the legendary tunes of Eagles’ self-titled album. It’s a match made for outdoor adventures, road trips, or simply enjoying a laid-back hang with friends.


At JaM Cellars, we’re all about celebrating the harmonious blend of wine and music, and we invite you to join us on this delish sensory journey. 


Whether you’re popping open a bottle of Butter Bubbles and grooving to Dua Lipa or savoring a glass of JaM Cabernet while immersing yourself in the soulful melodies of Beyoncé, our wines are perfectly crafted to enhance your music-listening experience. Check out JaM Cellars on Spotify (link) for even more wine and music inspo!


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