Apr 22, 2020

Spring Refresh, JaM Style

Thanks to a few glasses of wine and a great attitude, we’re all-in on Spring cleaning EVERYTHING this season. Let us help you tackle your “spring refresh” with tips to leave you feeling revitalized and ready to take on the season. A cleanse hasn’t felt this chic since GOOP!

• Refresh your mind and body!

We’re pretty sure a mud mask and wine are meant for each other. Start a skincare routine that you’ll ACTUALLY do with these super-simple steps. Then…detox to retox, baby! Book that self-care time with an at-home workout class. Sip, Squat, Repeat–sounds like a workout to us.

• Revitalize Relationships!

Socially distant doesn’t have to mean disconnected. Start by whipping out your calendar a month in advance and plan that Zoom happy hour, or wine o’clock phone sesh with your BFFs.

Don’t forget the family…pick an hour this week to ring Mom, Grandma, Sister, cousin or anyone else you’ve been meaning to call back. Extra points: make it a wine date and schedule ahead so you can both plan to chat and sip.

Surprise Virtual Birthdays are the new way to show some love. Invite the gang on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, set your background or decorate, and send Doordash to deliver cupcakes and wine. Birthday wine delivered to the doorstep? Yes, please! With Drizly’s 60-minute wine delivery ensure your glasses are full and ready for a cheers.

• Purify your Digital World!

Ok selfie-queen, time to do a deep dive into your iPhone photos to free up some storage. Delete duplicates and consider this your friendly PSA to back up to your hard-drive. Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself another glass: you are adulting so great right now!

• Outbox Your Inbox!

use a free service like Unroll Me or just manually dive into unsubscribing from any emails you’re not reading (except for us of course! you don’t want to miss out on SCOOP updates from John and Michele and special perks for being a JaMFan).

Are you ACTUALLY using all those monthly subscription services? Time to take a roll-call of everything you really use and unsubscribe from any recurring things that you’re not. Here are 9 Things You’re Probably Wasting Money On…time to spring clean those accounts!! Bonus: you just saved some $$$ to spend on wine. Ship it to your door from the JaMStore!

Don’t you feel fresher already? Bring on the sunshine and Butter time, we’re ready for Spring!