Apr 9, 2024

Spring JaMs — Wine and Music for all your Spring Activities


Of course, there’s a Butter for every moment, but we also have perfectly curated playlists for every moment, too! Sip back, relax, and crank up the tunes for whatever your vibe is.

For Dinner Parties

Backyard BBQs are almost back! We can smell the delish smoked meats and grilled veggies, mmmmm. To set the perfect vibe, this wine and dine Dinner Party Mix is sure to get your party guests in the groove. A bottle of smooth and bold Butter Cab is the go-to for dinner.


For Nature Hangs


Grab-n-go ButterCans are the perfect companion for exploring the great outdoors and our Hiking Happy Hour playlist is our go-to soundtrack for sipping outside. Throw some cool ButterCans in your backpack for a post-hike treat and blast some tunes while taking in the view.


For Girls Night In

PJ party

Sometimes the best times include calling your besties, grabbing some wine, and chilling at home. Pour some smooth Butter Cab to share with your girls and queue up the Love is Great, Friendship is Butter playlist. Singalong to your fav girl power anthems in between sips.

For Spring Cleaning

“The house was clean yesterday. Sorry you missed it!” – spring cleaning letter board

Add some FUN to your Sunday reset! Blast #SundayFunday playlist to get your head in the game for the week ahead. Make doing the dishes a total dance party with the musical stylings of Harry Styles, No Doubt, Sheryl Crow and so many more. Reward yourself for all the hard work with a chill glass of creamy Butter Chardonnay—you deserve it!

Sip Better with BUTTER

Who says you need to have a party to get the tunes blasting?? We present the perfect playlist for any occasion where there is no occasion—Butter Sunshine. Whether you’re hanging at home or chilling with friends, these JaMs are sure to have you ready for anything. Some days you just gotta pop the Butter Bubbles and treat yourself to a dance par-tay.

Wine with your JaMs

No matter what your vibe is, get the Butter on deck and make the most of ANY day! Stock up on every day easy-to-love wines, creamy Butter Chardonnay, smooth Butter Cab, and lush Butter Bubbles. You know the drill—find Butter near YOU or get it delivered in less than 60 minutes. Happy sipping, ButterBabes!