Feb 7, 2023

National Snack Food Month + WINE!

Snack Food

Hey Snack Lovers & Butter Babes! Did you know that the whole month of February is National Snack Food Month? Yes. We’ve been counting down the days as well. 

We’re ready to celebrate all things crunchy, salty, sweet and delicious! So whether you’re a fan of savory popcorn or sweet candies, this is the month to indulge in your favs–and try some new ones too! 

Whether you’ve got a crazy sweet tooth, you love something salty, or you prefer your snacks on the healthier side, we’ve got the perfect snack food and JaM Cellars wine pairing to indulge in.

Sip back and snack on!

Somethin’ Salty! 

Popcorn & Pretzels 

Pair your salty snacks with some bubbly for a zingy hit of flavor. Creamilicious Butter Bubbles or luscious Toast Sparkling give the perfect pop for popcorn. Level up a notch with Butter Chardonnay and buttery popcorn. Your tastebuds will thank you …and ask for a refill!


Don’t mind us giving the ‘ol classic wine & cheese snack but COME ON. It’s TOO good! Personal favs? Blue Cheese crumbles and Butter Cab.  A sharp cheddar goes really well with Toast Sparkling. And a creamy brie is a bestie made in heaven for something melt-in-your-mouth and rich…Did someone say Butter Chardonnay


Snacks like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios pair perfectly with really ANY JaM Cellars wine (White, Bubbly, or Red) since they have a natural salty, savory flavor that helps bring out the best in your fav JaM Cellars wine. 

Somethin’ Sweet! 


Chocolate and wine are two of the most beloved snacks, and when combined they’re inseparable BFFs. Here’s how to break down your pairing: Dark chocolate is perfect for bold reds like Butter Cab or juicy, berri-licious JaM Cabernet. Milk chocolate is great with a smooth, melty Butter Chardonnay or a kiss of sweetness Sugar Sweet White. White chocolate pairs best with bubbles like deeelish Butter Bubbles or lush Toast Sparkling! 🍫

Fresh or Dried Fruit

Fruits like grapes, apricots, and figs are a fun (and healthy!) snack to pair with wine since they act as an either complementary or contrasting flavor to your go-to sips. 🍇 To make your snacking simple, pair grab’n’go ButterCans and handheld fruits together. *chef’s kiss*

Make it a party! 

We love a good party – make it a snack bash and celebrate National Snack Food Month with a fun twist. 

Secret Snack Attack

Drop off a bottle of Butter and your favorite snack on your friend’s porch. Once you’ve left the goods, slide into their DM’s with: “Butter-ing you up! Happy #NationalSnackFoodMonth 💛” 

Snack Potluck

Invite your besties over for a snack potluck! Have your guests bring their favorite snacks and sips to share and create a spread of different options for everyone to enjoy. Pro tip: a DIY snack food contest at your house to see who can come up with the best homemade snack. *Butter Bubbles required*

Nom’s & Movie Night

Pick a movie you love and pair different snacks with different characters or moments in the film. It’s a fun way to enjoy both the movie and the snacks! (Bonus points if you’re eating what they’re eating in the movie.) 

Snack Food Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt that leads participants to different snacks and treats, it’s a fun way to celebrate and get some exercise, too! Don’t forget to pack some ButterCans before you head out!

Cheers to delicious wine, best friends + great snacks!