Feb 3, 2023

Four of our Fave
WINE-ter Party Ideas

Hosting a wine-themed party during the long winter months is a great way to bring warmth and cheer to your besties. ❄️ Grab a glass of creamilicious Butter Chardonnay and read on for four of our favorite wine-ter themed party ideas ::queue the bottle pop:: 

“Sponsor” Your Own WINE-ter Music Festival 

Here at JaM Cellars we know that Summer is a state of mind! And we ALSO know a thing or two about sponsoring a music festival. Ultimate. Party. Vibes. SO!! Calling all music fest fans: gather your #FestieBesties and chill down the Butter because the festival-of-the-year could be  happening in your own kitchen! Here’s how:

First, set the festival ~mood~ by stocking all the goodies: JaM Cellars wine, festival outfits, and a few YUMMY treats to nosh between dance sets. Need some inspo? We’ve got you covered here

Next, SET THE STAGE(S). Identify a few places in your house to host different tunes. Go ahead! Give those stages a name! Personally, the “JaM Cellars mainstage” rolls right off the tongue. 

Final but most important: the tunes. We’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve paired EACH of our wines with their own customized playlist. Go ahead and pop those deliciously paired tunes with your fav wines or switch it up and give your fest its own spin. The station in the kitchen featuring melt-in-your-mouth Butter Chardonnay with a playlist of buttery-smooth beats flowing out of the bluetooth speakers, or a station in your dining room featuring berry-licious JaM Cabernet and a playlist of indie rock to keep everyone feeling festive and fun! 

The headliner of your festival main stage is ***drum roll*** the ULTIMATE festival playlist  “Summer Festival JaMs” poured by JaMCellars on iHeart radio. All the best hits from headliners at all your fav festivals. Press play on your wine-ter festival party and watch your friends dance the cold away! 🎶Just don’t run out of Butter!

Host a Cookie + Wine Swap

Hosting a wine-ter party can be as simple as inviting your closest cuties over for snacks, your fav JaM Cellars wines, and some cookie exchanging—and tasting, of course!

Most cookie/wine swap hosts ask guests to bring one dozen cookies and a bottle of wine per person, but scaling down would be fine, too. Basically, the rules are totally up to you. As long as there’s a deeelish Butter wine to sip the cookies down with, anything goes. 

Here are some of our favorite wine-ter cookie swap recipes:

Have a WINE-ter #SundayFunday Brunch

Nothing makes it easier to get out of bed on a chilly weekend than the idea of brunch with the  besties! 

When planning your brunch menu, consider serving a variety of savory and sweet options. Some go-to brunch items, like quiche or frittatas, pair really well with our classic Butter Chardonnay, which has a delish creamy texture and subtle oaky finish. 

Creamy sparkling Butter Bubbles is the perfect addition to pastries and fruit trays. To make your wine-ter brunch party feel even more festive and fun by setting up a DIY mimosa bar where guests can mix their own sparkling cocktails with deeelish Butter Bubbles.

Check out this blog post for more of our fave wine + brunch food pairing ideas. 🥓🥐🍳

Cozy Up for a Wine + Winter Movie Marathon

This is your sign to grab some wine glasses and get cozy! Here are our fav wine and winter movie pairings:

When Harry Met Sally + JaM Cabernet 

Need we say more? They’re both delicious and timeless. 

Frozen + ButterCans

Sorry: NO ONE is too old for Frozen. Stick a few cases of grab’n’go ButterCans in the fridge before your movie night and make sure to have some snacks on hand for this one. Popcorn anyone?

The Huntsman: Winter’s War + SugarBerri Winetail

Sip on this cold-winter-night-favorite and snuggle under the blankets as you enjoy this cinematic quest to keep the evil ice queen from finding her mirror and becoming invincible. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel + Butter Bubbles

Wes Anderson saves some of the best dialog for scenes with eating and drinking, so pop open a bottle of Butter Bubbles with your besties and feast your eyes on this colorful cult fave. 

So there you have it babes, four ways to host a winter wine party that will have your friends talking about it until the snow melts. And remember, wine not have a little fun this winter season? Cheers!