Aug 28, 2022

We Asked. You Answered. Here’s What We Found!

Seize the Day! Many people are calling it “The Year of the YES,” so we ran a nationwide survey to find out *exactly what the vibe is when it comes to seizing the day post-pandemic. What we found is that everyone has adopted a slightly different (read: Butter) approach to wine drinking and “treating yourself.” 

In fact (and we quote), “Almost 24% agreed their favorite moment to enjoy wine is ‘me’ time, which is a shift from pre-pandemic. In fact, 72% responded they open a bottle of wine more on their own now compared to three years ago.”

So what does it all mean exactly?? Well, it’s time to pour yourself some Butter and read on to find out. Below, we’re sharing how you can seize the day, the JaM Cellars way: 

How to Seize the Day (the BUTTER Way)!

Celebrate Your Sweetie

Two-thirds of Americans say they live by a “carpe diem mindset,” our new data says! There’s no time like the present to show the one you love how much they mean to you. 

Make your weeknight date nights even more special by cooking up a new meal, raising a toast with Butter Bubbles, and celebrating the fact that you don’t have to go a day without wine! We’ll drink to that!

Spend More Time in the Present

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that around 66% of participants say they are “living more in the moment today” compared to pre-pandemic. You know what they say about the present, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.” 

Spend some time today being really present with your friends and family, take in all the sights and smells around you, and relish your cold glass of Butter Chardonnay–because life is short and the present moment is usually really, really beautiful. 

And that’s not all that the pandemic has changed…

Treat Yourself

…62% of participants say they “treat themselves” more now than they did before! 

“It’s great to see that more people than ever are choosing to live their best lives every day.  We’ve realized we don’t have to wait for special occasions, birthday gatherings, or even the weekend, to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine,” said Michele Truchard, Co-founder of JaM Cellars. “More importantly, indulgences that bring you joy shouldn’t have to break the bank. It’s the reason that John and I started JaM Cellars: great quality, easy-to-love, affordable wines–Butter Chardonnay, ButterCans, Butter Cab, and Butter Bubbles–that are all under $20!” 

Uhm, yes please! #treatyourself

Treating yourself can look a little different for everyone, but we all know a little Butter can make your day better! Next time you’re looking for a way to treat yourself, consider:

Try Something New

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to seize the day. Make a bucket list of everything you’d love to do, and start knocking them out today! Here are some ideas to help you get started: 

  • Learn how to garden
  • Become a better cook
  • Host a Butter Bubbles + Book Club
  • See that live performance you’ve been talking about
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Teach yourself how to make jewelry
  • Send a message in a Butter bottle 
  • Try indoor skydiving
  • Go whale watching (don’t forget your binoculars and ButterCans!)

Say “Yes!” to Play

As we grow up, so many of us get disconnected from the concept and importance of play in our lives. You don’t have to be a four-year-old sitting in a sandbox to experience play and pure joy. Enjoy the simple things like playing board games with your family, hosting a Butter-fueled GNI (girl’s night IN), going for a long bike ride, or anything else that makes you feel happy and free. 

Whether you like to unwine-d with your girlfriends, redesign your garden, swim in the neighborhood pool, bake that new cookie recipe, or create a tropical oasis in the backyard, think of the activities that make you happiest. Then, try to incorporate those into your daily life in simple ways. Seizing the day is all about making the most of life, and getting enough play-time as an adult is a great way to do just that! It’s no surprise that 62% of respondents find themselves enjoying more wine now than they were three years ago.

Now, Go Carpe This Diem!

No matter how you’re choosing to carpe diem, you are sure to find a JaM Cellars wine fit for the occasion. 

Check out the full lineup of our delicious, easy-to-love wines here, and then make your way over to our  IG, FB & Twitter and say hello!