Apr 1, 2019

Introducing: ButterPods!


We’re incredibly excited to finally introduce to you our newest product: ButterPods! A single-serving pod of Butter Chardonnay that is freshly prepared and chilled in your single-serve coffee maker. With the introduction of this newest product, we’re able to offer another simple solution to having fresh Butter anytime, whether at home or at the office, without having to open an entire bottle!

“After the great success we had launching ButterCans last year, we thought: why not take it one step further and release Butter Chardonnay in a single serving pod?” said Michele Truchard, the M in JaM. “Available in an eight-pack, ButterPods are perfect for enjoying every day, with an extra glass for the weekend. Just pop a ButterPod into your single-serve coffee maker and press ‘brew’ to have the perfect pour of chilled Butter, anytime.”

ButterPods will never be available to order online because this is an April Fool’s joke! #gotcha