Dec 1, 2022

How to Celebrate Holidays on a Budget

Ahhh, the holidays. The season of comfort and joy… and spending lots and lots of money. 

This year, many of us are trying to be a little more mindful of our budgets. But budgeting during the holidays doesn’t mean staying home and missing out on all the fun! No way! If you’re trying to figure out how to celebrate the holidays on a budget, you’ve come to the right place; JaM Cellars is your home for holidays, no matter how or where you’re spending them!

Cozy up with a bottle of smooth, rich, creami-licious, deeelish (AND budget-friendly!!) Butter Chardonnay and pour over these helpful tips and tricks for holidays on a budget:

Stocking Stuffers For The Win(e)!

There’s no #Butter way to mistle-toast the holiday season than with affordable stocking stuffers for all the ButterLovers in your life! Grab’n’go ButterCans make the perfect (read: inexpensive and yummy) stocking stuffers, so make sure to have an extra case (or two) on hand for the unexpected guests and plus-ones at the holiday parties this year. 

All of our delicious, easy-to-love wines–including melt-in-your-mouth Butter Chardonnay, grab’n’go ButterCans, silky-smooth Butter Cab, and creami-licous Butter Bubbles, along with rich JaM Cabernet, lucious Toast Sparkling, and Sugar Sweet White–are less than $20 and can be picked up in your closest wine aisle or delivered over the river and through the woods with Drizly, Instacart and Amazon Fresh

Fill your favorite stockings with something you KNOW everyone will love. Don’t have stockings this year? Wrap a bottle of Butter for your besties!

Make HO HO HOmemade Presents

You just can’t beat handmade presents. Sure, they may take a little more time, energy, and effort, but that’s what makes homemade gifts so special and so affordable. This is the perfect way to do holidays on a budget, babes! 💡

Turn on a festive playlist (Summer Festival JaMs: Holiday Edition), pour yourself a glass (or two) of silky-smooth Butter Cab then pour your heart into handwritten letters and homemade presents–your friends and loved ones will be feeling extra Santa-mental this year. 

Here are some cute ho-ho-homemade gift ideas to help you get started!

Host a Clothing Swap with your Besties

Even though you might *want* one, you don’t *need* a completely new outfit for every work party, family dinner, and holiday celebration. 

If you’re trying to celebrate the holidays on a budget, consider wearing the things you already own, or host a holiday clothing swap with your besties to freshen up your ‘fits. Make it a party and have everyone bring a pile of clothes and their fav bottle of Butter

Set a #ButterBudget

The holidays can take a real toll on your finances. But, what if–plot twist–you budget for the holidays, and then discover you actually have a little cash leftover? Our advice: Sip down before the hustle and bustle begins and figure out how to set your holiday budget for 2022. 

This doesn’t have to be scary! Knowing what you can realistically afford gives you the freedom and flexibility to prioritize your fav things, like ButterCans, stocking stuffers for your nieces, and that wooden cheese board you saw on Etsy. 💸

Pro tip: Leave a little wiggle room in the budget for Butter! Crack your fav bottle open and try out this cute (*free*) holiday budget template

Remember: There’s Snow Place Like Home

Going out can be fun, especially during the holidays, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to celebrate, consider a cozy wine and game night IN! The new Napa Valley Monopoly board (featuring yours truly! JaM Cellars Wine & Music Studio in downtown Napa Valley) was just released and we can’t stop playing! Get your own Napa Valley Monopoly board at or on Amazon

With stunning scenery and incredible wines, it’s time to roll the dice and conquer Napa Valley Monopoly! While you’re sipping wine, dominating the board and building hotels, make sure to take advantage of our convenient wine delivery partners (Drizly, Instacart and Amazon Fresh) so you can just sip back and enjoy game night from the comfort of your home.

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Stress less about your holiday budget, and merry more with JaM Cellars easy-to-love lineup of delish wines. Wishing you + yours a very happy holiday season, filled with warm hearts and full wine glasses!