Jan 24, 2019

Four Ways to Love Your Galentine

Fictional Holiday?

Look, Galentine’s Day might be a fictional holiday that we stole from a TV show (Cheers to you, Parks & Rec!). But what is that to stop us from celebrating our best gals? Bring out the Butter and leave the husbands and boyfriends at home…we’re doing brunch.

The best thing about being best friends as “grown-ups” is you can do the same silly things better and now with wine! Here’s how to get the girls together to celebrate how truly amazing you all are:

– Ditch the New Year diets for the day (if they haven’t already fallen off!) and dive in with endless glasses of Butter and a Potluck Dessert Party! Everyone brings their signature dessert for a day of sweet and sassy fun. (Yes, Karen, you can make those paleo brownies. We’ll pretend they’re full fat).

– Put on a guilty pleasure movie and cozy up on the couch for the full commentary version. Ok, and maybe some tears. Who put on the Nicholas Sparks movie?! He wrote her a letter every day for a year…

– Bring back a camp favorite and get supplies for friendship bracelets. Bust out your boxstitch skills for the squad and make sure you make a wish when you tie each other’s bracelet on!

– Hidden Talent Show: you might need an extra bottle of Candy for this. Tell the girls to come prepared to show off their secret hidden talents. Just when you thought you knew everything about each other, there’s always something hilarious to learn!

Don’t forget to snap enough selfies to commemorate another day of loving those gals who always know when to show up to your doorstep with wine when you need it the most. If we hung out and didn’t selfie…did it even happen? Make sure you tag us #JaMCellars so we know it’s real.