Feb 1, 2022

Chilly or Chilled, the JaMily Celebrates Winter with Wine

From cozying up with a bottle of JaM Cabernet on California’s sunny coast to thawing out from a long day of skiing with a few après-ski toasts with Toast Sparkling, the JaM team sure knows how to celebrate the winter season in style with wine-derful winter traditions…


Michele, the “M” in JaM Cellars

“Like any Mom with teenagers, half my time is spent driving my kid’s places, the other half spent working, and the third half (!) making sure our family gets dinner, clean clothes and the house isn’t a disaster. Yep—like all Moms, I’m maxed out. But right around 8.30pm I might get a window for wine and right now with chilly dark nights, it’s Butter Cabernet in my glass. No fancy setting or gourmet snacks, but I will sink into my favorite chair and just take a moment to sip before the inevitable “Mom…” is called from upstairs.”


Sarah, Marketing Maven

“The Hubs has a sweet tooth—chocolate all the way. I’m the opposite, give me salt and crunch, especially in the form of a sharp cheddar. Luckily, JaM Cabernet goes great with both options! Wintertime, we’ll cozy up on the couch Sunday afternoon and binge watch 3-4 episodes (current addiction being Ted Lasso) with our personal snack plates. The thing is I’m also likely to snag an extra splash of JaM Cabernet with a piece of his chocolate for dessert. Yum!”

Emily, Events Handywoman

“I’m a gal who definitely loves a winter chill, but sometimes it’s a little too much even for me! And I can’t think of a better way to wind down and warm up from a crisp winter day out than with a long, relaxing bubble bath. I’ll turn down the lights, light a couple of candles and add even more bubbles with a glass of Butter Bubbles, California.


Katie, Media & Ad Diva, M.A.D.

Jacuzzi time with JaM Cabernet in the redwoods! That’s what I did on a January trip to Mendocino, and it was luxuuuurious. Mendocino is the perfect blend of forest and ocean and its cold weather begs for a good soak. I loved sinking into the outdoor redwood jacuzzi with a large glass of rich juicy JaM Cabernet with the scent of pine trees in the chilly air. I felt like a bougie pioneer woman!


Greg, Photo & Video Swiss Army Knife

After an epic day on the slopes you get to kick back with your buddies and trade stories from the day; from the most fearless cliff drop to the best all-out yard sale. A day of shredding the gnar gives way to an evening of shredded cheese melted over chips. This is the time we crack open a bottle (or two) of Butter Cab, California or pop the top on some Toast Sparkling and cheers to the snow gods. Cheers to a great snow season—you’ll find me in the mountains!


Maura, Social Media Ninja

“One of my favorite places in Northern California is Fort Ross. Just up the Sonoma coast. The ocean has always been my happy place, even happier when I bring wine with me and enjoy a weekend cozied up on the coast in my favorite lodge. A wood-burning fireplace, hot tub, and trails right outside my door. After a day spent hiking, grilling up a yummy dinner, and enjoying a glass of JaM Cabernet by the fire is my fav winter-time play date.”


Ashley, Branding Babe

​​I love a good adventure (preferably in the summer), but just give me a few more sweaters–and some ButterCans–and I’m ready to go. Snowboarding is my winter sport of choice and luckily ButterCans fit perfectly in my backpack and pockets. Plus, I’m everyone’s favorite on the mountain because I always bring extra so everyone can join in on Wine O’Clock with a view at the top of the mountain!


Larry, JaMClub Hero

For me, JaM Cabernet is a great go-to wine any time of year—rich, fruity and delicious. I’m actually out of stock right now as I gave it out as gifts for the Holidays. It’s become a bit of a tradition and my family and neighbors love it, with it’s rich, fruity, bold taste and bright red label it’s warming and festive. At least my JaMClub shipment is coming up soon!


Coco, Wine & Music Host Extraordinaire

I’m lucky enough to help guests enjoy our great wines and live music here in downtown Napa all day long. So, what’s my go-to when I get home? Right now, I’m loving our new Butter Cab—it’s crazy rich and smooth and the screw cap makes it a breeze to pour just a glass. For me, it’s the perfect wine-down wine—slippers on, in my jammies, in front of the fire, and yep, you guessed it—music playing.


Michelle, Content Queen

“I’ve always been a bit of a wild child and winter, for me, means a whole new playground. Snowshoeing, skiing, tubing, ice skating, snowmobiling—it’s all got my name on it. After a long day in the snow, there’s nothing better than a little après ski chill-out time. A glass of Butter Chardonnay, California makes me a happy lass, and is the cherry on top of an active and awesome winter day!”


And YOU?


How are you wine-ing this winter? Cozying with JaM CabernetOr pouring a glass of #ButterChardonnay and firing up Google Flights to get out of the snow?

Even if you’re staying put this winter, with the right mindset, a full stash of JaM Cellars wines, and a little bit of inspo, you can make your winter hibernation totally wine-derful!

Share your favorite winter traditions with us on Instagram @JaMCellars.