Feb 4, 2022

Wine plus Music is the language of LOVE

Love, music, and wine come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors – just like US! Get inspired to honor your honey (and yourself) with some dang-great music and JaM-GOOD wines just in time for Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day!


Tune In and JaM Out!


“Making a playlist is a delicate art,” says Zoe Kravitz in HBO’s High Fidelity. Of course: we couldn’t agree more. From finding the perfect songs to putting them all together in just the right order, there is definitely an art to making the perfect playlist.


You’re in luck because we’ve combed, sipped, and JaMmed through an entire treasury of songs to come up with the best of the best. 👌


JaM Cellars Galentines Day Playlist. Perfect for:

Girlfriends brunch with ButterJaM and Toast.
Backyard picnic with ButterCans
Primping and pregaming for a night on the town with Butter Bubbles.
A JaMmin’ night in for all your girlfriends with all the Butters!


JaM Cellars Valentine’s Day Playlist. Perfect for:

A romantic walk in the park sharing AirPods with ButterCans.
Sharing a bath – just add Butter Bubbles.
Your fav takeout sushi, a backyard firepit, and a bottle of Toast.

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Make it a Movie Night!

Get the girls over for movie night this Galentines, Saturday 13th February with these girl power flicks with awesome soundtracks. Serve Butter Chardonnay and popcorn and get your groove on!

Snuggle up with your honey and feel the love this Valentine’s Day Monday 14th February with these love stories and some rich, smooth, luscious Butter Cab. Maybe add some classic movie theater candy: classic box of RaisinetsM&Ms?

And always remember: If you can’t be with the one you love, love the wine you’re with! Even when that’s just YOU! Be sure to pick up your favorite JaM Cellars easy-to-love wines in the wine aisle or put your feet up and get delivery!