Mar 22, 2023


April Fools ButterGummies

*April Fools*

It’s finally Spring which means it’s Wine Time, baby! And when that mood hits, who wants to be caught without their favorite Butter Chardonnay? Not you! And that’s why we’ve got you covered with our latest innovation: ✨ButterGummies!✨ Yes, you read that right, our newest line of wine-infused gummies that capture the rich, creamy baked-lemon notes of fan favorite Butter Chardonnay!

Your fav wine whenever you want it

Think about it: the exact same rich, bold, flavor profile of your favorite Chardonnay, now in a gummy

Each ButterGummy is packed with 14% alcohol, which means you’re getting a whole glass of wine in one bite. And with five ButterGummies in a tin, you can carry a whole bottle of Butter Chardonnay with you wherever and whenever you want to wine. Under the dryer at the hair salon? In that Friday afternoon team meeting? Post pilates? Or trying on jeans at the boutique? ButterGummies are there for YOU. 

But wait, it’s Butter… so it gets even better!

For those epic parties, we’ve got BIGButterGummies–each BIGButterGummy is equivalent to two glasses of wine, and a tin holds two bottles for an epic party on the go! Ready to chew and chill Chardonnay style? Bring on the ButterGummies!

“We’re thrilled to introduce our latest creation, ButterGummies, just in time for white wine season,” said Michele Truchard, Co-founder JaM Cellars and the “M” in JaM. “We’ve taken our award-winning creami-licious Butter Chardonnay and transformed it into a fun, new format that can go places a bottle of Butter simply can’t”

More ways to wine

ButterGummies use JaM Cellars’ patented process to condense a full glass of Butter Chardonnay into a delicious bite size gummy. The company expects their new line of premium wine gummies to expand with rich juicy Butter Cab and sparkling Butter Bubbles flavors in the coming months.

From April 1st, look for the Butter-yellow label on tins of ButterGummies alongside Butter Chardonnay, Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles in the wine aisle of your favorite grocery store and online. Get your ButterGummies today. SHOP NOW!

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***Please chew responsibly. Must be 21 years of age. Napa, CA 94559***


Happy April Fools from JaM Cellars!