Mar 10, 2023

Butter Chardonnay tastes sooooo JaM-GOOD! Here’s WHY!

Butter Chardonnay

Why is Butter Chardonnay so JaM-GOOD?? Diving into the world of wine (figuratively, not literally… though diving into a pool of wine sounds amazing) can be daunting. Plus, Chardonnay can come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and styles—so knowing what you love…urm Butter duh, is key to long-term Chard happiness. So let us give you the inside SCOOP on why creamy, delish Butter Chardonnay simply tastes better than the hundreds of Chardonnays that can line the wine aisle of your fav grocery store. Ready to jump on in?

What makes wine taste truly ah-maaazing is balance—taking what Mother Nature gives us in the vineyard—juicy, just-ripe California Chardonnay grapes, plump with just enough natural sugars and the right amount of bright acidity. Then we add yeast, which turns the grape juice into wine (yay!) during a long, slow, cold fermentation that develops all those dee-lish Chardonnay flavors and aromas that you love. A lil’ malolactic conversion helps to form those buttery, creamy textures we crush on… then the final step in winemaking involves some time on new American oak. This allows all the juicy, rich, creamy, and bright flavors to meld together into—*VOILA* a beautifully balanced, un-put-downable pour of Butter Chardonnay. Think baked apple pie with whipped cream, or maybe lemon meringue pie with vanilla ice cream—IN A GLASS. Thirsty anyone?

The comment we love the most when they try Butter Chardonnay? “I don’t ever really drink Chard…but this one is LOVELY!” Err…yeah, we think so. And the best way to enjoy Butter Chardonnay? YOUR way! But we have some recommendations OBVS!

Chardonnay is the real MVP of wine–it literally goes with everything. But if you’re craving a little Butter Chardonnay pairing, here are a few of our faves… but Hun, you do YOU…


The TOP moments that matter…


  • A favorite movie.
  • Brunch with friends.
  • A dip in the pool.


And these yummy foods:


Pasta dishes

Smooth, rich Butter Chardonnay complements creamy pasta dishes like fettuccine alfredo or carbonara (can you see us drooling from there?) Butter’s rich texture pairs perfectly with the gooey sauce, while the bright acidity keeps it from being too heavy. Mmm mmm mmmmm…

Baked Brie

For an easy yet totally decadent Chardonnay and cheese pairing, baked brie is simply better with Butter Chardonnay. (Check out our *perfect* baked brie recipe here!) Add some of your fav crackers, drizzle honey on the side, and crack open a cold bottle of Butter.

Roasted Chicken

Classic, simple juicy roasted chicken is another great pairing for Butter Chardonnay. Roast your bird upside down with citrus in the cavity and plenty of sea salt for crispy skin.  Butter Chardonnay’s creamy bright citrus flavors, plus juicy crisp chicken PLUS roast potatoes and veg? HEAVEN.


The secret to enjoying great wine–there is none! Just enjoy what you love.


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