Aug 20, 2020

Brunch=Breakfast+JaM Cellars

With names like ButterJaM & Toast, brunch is basically our spirit animal. We’re ready to go all-in with a brunch extravaganza to make the most of your #SundayFunday thanks to these brunch-worthy holidays coming up soon. We’re ready to help you indulge in each delicious day, JaM-style! Here’s our top tips for indulging in the brunch spread you truly deserve.

Waffle Day – August 24th

Waffles are just pancakes with abs, right? Practice your waffle fitness with a DIY Waffle Bar to celebrate the true Brunch MVP.

• Set up a paper runner for your waffle bar and write down all your yummy waffle fixings (and save cleanup time from sticky syrup drips)
• Include a mix of healthy and treat-y toppings like berries and nuts alongside chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles
• Keep a bottle of Toast in an ice bucket next to the waffles with an array of juices for a Toast-mosa bar to sip along. Orange juice, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice are perfectly sippable pairings to splash on top of your favorite bubbles

Intl. Bacon Day – September 5th

Get crispy with it. We’re enjoying Bacon Day with a bacon tasting bar! See which bacon is your favorite pairing with our juicy JaM Cab. Our top picks are:

• Turkey bacon, Candied “Million Dollar Bacon”, Coconut Bacon (it’s a thing), Pancetta, or try one of these • 17 types of bacon you might not have known existed!

Top Bacon Day tip? Cook it in the oven for super easy clean-up (you’ll never go back). 400 degrees on a baking sheet with not only keep your crispy delights evenly cooked, you’ll get all the delish smells with none of the greasy splatters #SizzlinandSipping

Pancake Day – September 26th

Is it even Pancake Day if you’re not eating a heaping mound of pancakes with a side of Butter? Gather your ingredients for the perfect pancake recipe and practice some beginner level pancake art. Who doesn’t love an adorable Pancake Animal?

Or, try your hand at becoming a Pancake Mixologist with some experimental combos like:
• Mint Chocolate Chip = mint extract + chocolate chips
• Coffee Lover’s = espresso powder
• Unicorn = rainbow sprinkles + whipped cream
• Banana Split = mashed bananas + chocolate chips + crushed nuts• PB&J = peanut butter spread + raspberry jam

Turn up Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson on the airwaves. Sounds like an easy a recipe for #SundayFunday to us!