Apr 16, 2024

Brunch Better with Butter

Bottomless Butter Mimosas, anyone?

You can’t have brunch without a mimosa bar, sorry, we (don’t) make the rules! Make it easy and chill a few bottles of bubbly and put out a selection of juices — cranberry, classic orange, or juicy pomegranate are all great options. Lucky for you, Butter Bubbles goes with all your fav breakfast juices. Throw some citrus slices and berries in to garnish and sip the day away with your besties. Ahhhhhhh……


Load up on delish brunch bites

Skip the fancy-shmancy tableware and whip up some cute and easy bite-sized brunch bites!

These mini sausage and pancake stacks are the perfect sweet and savory bite for brunch. Serve with a red pepper syrup to level this up even more. We recommend sipping smooth Butter Cab alongside these skewers!

You need a sweet treat at brunch, too, of course! Cinnamon french toast sticks are the quintessential breakfast treat. Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and oh-so-delish with a glass of lush Butter Bubbles. We’re drooling already.

You can’t do brunch without eggs, so whip up a batch or two of these bacon and cheese egg bites. The nutty gruyere and salty bacon are the perfect pair in this light and fluffy snack. Add a  glass of creamy Butter Chardonnay on the side (and a dash of hot sauce if you’re brave) and you’ll be in brunch bliss. Pro tip: make ahead and chill or freeze until you’re ready to use! Then just pop ‘em in the oven for a quick reheat.




If we know you, wine will be the centerpiece of your bestie brunch. Check this  super cute floral wine chiller to fill with all the Butter wines. You can DIY-it with things around your house, or grab a mold off Amazon. Take a large bucket and add about three inches of water, then place a smaller bucket inside — make sure it is big enough to hold the shape of a Butter bottle, add some floral flair and freeze overnight. You can also add glitter, fruit slices (like lemons or other citrus!), whatever you want!


TA-DA! Place the Butter Bubbles in your homemade chiller and enjoy cold wine AND a pretty centerpiece.

how to – ice bucket

Sip in the sun

Anyone else have spring fever?? Same. Make brunch even more fun by taking it outside! Throw down a picnic blanket, or pull up the patio chairs, and soak up some vitamin D while you sip and snack into the afternoon. Of course you’ll be sipping creamy Butter, but remember to keep some water on hand to stay hydrated.


Let the wine flow

Keep sipping through the afternoon with Butter Chardonnay, Butter Bubbles,  Butter Cab, and try NEW Butter Pinot Noir and Butter Sauv Blanc! Shop in-person at a store near you or skip the lines and get it delivered!