Aug 8, 2023

Two JaM-GOOD Hols – Red Wine Day + Cabernet Day

Red Wine

We’ve got some JaM-GOOD news, Red Wine Lovers!…Got your calendars handy? Let this be your reminder to draw a big red heart around August 28th & August 31st because we’re celebrating Red Wine and Cabernet Day!


We think there’s no Butter way to celebrate these delicious days than with your fav JaM Cellars reds, so sip back and scroll for a Cab-tastic celebration.

Cabernet Both Ways

Love rich and juicy? Or are you more of a bold and smooth red wine lover? Get JaM Cabernet or Butter Cab (or both?) and taste your way to red wine heaven…


JaM Cabernet is like that perfect blackberry pie–sweet, juicy, a little tart and oh-so-satisfying, with its added kick of toasty vanilla on the finish.


Then there’s Butter Cab, a smooth, mocha-laden treat that’s as cozy as a soft throw blanket on a chilly evening, with dark fruits and a dash of spice for good measure. 


Go on, give them both a whirl, and see which one tickles your taste buds!

Now You’re Cookin’

Who doesn’t love a good, hearty, pasta dish, right? 🍝


And what’s a better partner for pasta than a juicy and bold Cabernet?? Whip up a cozy and comforting pasta bolognese (with extra parm, pls!) and pour yourself a glass of smooth Butter Cab to go with this savory goodness. 


Or if you’re in the mood for something a little lighter to have alongside juicy JaM Cabernet, a classic pasta pomodoro is a deeelish dish that will totally crush your pasta cravings! Fresh basil, grated parm, crushed tomatoes — easy and sooooo yummy. 

Netflix and Chill

Another great way to celebrate any day: wine and a movie! Settle in with your fav JaM red wines and your go-to movie snack. Need a little inspo? We gotchu! Try sipping juicy JaM Cabernet and smooth Butter Cab alongside candies that complement their complex profiles.


Pour yourself a glass of Butter Cab and break open the Butterfingers. The crispy buttery peanut butter center coated with milk chocolate is the BFF to Butter Cab’s rich, dark fruit profiles that linger with a smooth coating of mocha. The salt from the peanut butter makes this ultra mouth-watering–you’ll be reaching for your glass in between bites!


OR grab JaM Cabernet and pour a handful of raisinets. We like dark chocolate covered raisins for an extra luxurious treat. Dark chocolate coated sweet raisins are the perfect couple for JaM Cabernet’s berrylicious flavors. Fruity, juicy, and chocolatey — where do we sign up??


Don’t forget to queue up your fav wine-themed flick. French Kiss (1995), Wine Country (2019), A Good Year (2008) and Bottle Shock (2008) are some of our fav picks. These flicks aren’t just a great laugh but also a fun way to learn more about your beloved vino.


Feel like you’re at the movies – but at home…WITH WINE! So much Butter!!!


Caber-YAY Decor

Lastly, what’s more fun than a red-themed party to celebrate Red Wine and Cabernet Days? Deck out your digs with these classic Cab accents!


Of course, you’ll need pops of deep Cabernet red throughout. Glasses of juicy JaM Cabernet  and Butter Cab are a great accent, but we know the glass won’t stay full long. To level up your vibe we found the cutest Cab-inspired decor:


  • A fun and festive red wine banner is a MUST for your Cab party. ✔️
  • Looking for a low-effort but still totally cute way to add pizzazz to your red wine happy hour?? Enter…. Red wine glass confetti! Throw some on the table and let the wine flowwwww. What says par-tay more than confetti?! ✔️
  • In addition to your vino, you’re gonna want some tasty treats on stand-by. Red velvet cupcakes, a refreshing beet salad, or mini strawberry shortcakes are the perf Cab-colored treats to share with your besties! ✔️


All that’s left for your National Red Wine Day and International Cabernet Day celebrations is to stock up on your fav JaM Cellars wines. Start shopping for your red wine celebration HERE [LINK} or have it delivered! Right! To! Your! Door! with Drizly, Instacart and Amazon Fresh


Every bottle is like a little party waiting to happen. So, let’s pop the cork, savor the flavors, and make National Red Wine Day and International Cabernet Day a day to remember! 💛


What are you waiting for? Your celebration starts HERE. Shop JaM Cellars wines now!