Mar 7, 2020

Spring Forward! Wine Survival Guide to Daylight Savings

Our Groundhog buddy, Phil, called—we’re in for an early Spring! But first, we’ve got to make it through Daylight Savings on March 8th.

Wine Survival Guide

Don’t worry, with this helpful Wine Survival Guide and a few bottles of Butter Chardonnay, you’ll soon be drinking in the daylight with plenty of sunshine…

♦ Sleep Well, Sleepy Head. Did someone say cat naps?! We’re losing an hour, so treat yourself to some early nights and afternoon power naps. Our napping recipe? Get yourself an excellent eye mask, run a bubble bath, and sip a glass of Butter before you hit the sack. You’ll breeze through that time change.
♦ Clear Your Clutter.  Spring is the time to reset your physical & emotional environment and do more of what matters. Use your extra hour of daylight to de-clutter now, and you’ll be ready for summer in no time. Need some inspiration? Check out these top tips. We’re ready to pack away winter clothes, dust off the patio furniture, and get set for #SundayFunday with our BFFs—likely with some Butter ChardonnayJaM Cabernet, and Toast Sparkling…brunch anyone?
 Soak Up Some Sunshine. There is plenty of it now and studies show that good times in sunshine is just what the Dr. prescribes! Walk to brunch, grab a blanket and a bottle of #ButterChardonnay at the park, or pop some bubbly on a patio with the girls & Toast Sparkling. Get in at least 30 mins a day + more on the weekend!
♦ Happy Feet. Getting plenty of exercise can help keep your circadian rhythms in step. Tune in to the Summer Festival JaMs Station on iHeartRadio & JaM out to all your favorite tunes that are sure to put you in the mood for warmer weather to come (BottleRock is so close, we can almost hear it from here!)
♦ Happy Hour is Back! Text your squad…#WineOClock is no longer in the dark! With those extra hours of daylight it’ll feel like even more time to catch up with your girlfriends. Set a weekly reminder and take turns hosting… don’t forget to bring the Butter!


Are you surviving or thriving through this Spring Forward? Whatever you do, don’t run out of wine. Find us in the wine aisle, or just ask Alexa to “Open JaM Cellars”—she’ll text your local store right to your phone.