Feb 21, 2019

Roll out the JaM Carpet for this year’s Oscars

JaM Cellars Butter and Oscars 2019

Movie night is always better when there’s popcorn and Butter and we can’t wait to see who takes the stage at #Oscars2019 to relive all our favorite movies from this year!

Will they really make us choose between Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born for Best Picture? Somebody grab the govinos and the girls and roll out that red carpet, we’re celebrating the Oscars, JaM-style!

• Brush up on your Oscars history: Give yourself a refresher on some iconic Oscars moments (remember when JLaw ate it on stage?! We feel you girl) with a quick recap on the most iconic moments in Oscars history.

• Remind guests of the dress code: Watch the stars dress it up while you get comfortable for the show. PJ’s are a must; Butter yellow robes and bunny slippers are highly encouraged.

• Welcome to the Open Bar: Set out plenty of Toast Sparkling and let your guests get creative dressing up their drinks with a champagne bar fit for a movie star.

• Fine (Finger Food) Dining: make prep (and clean up) a breeze with all your food from apps to dessert on a stick, like these meatball subs and these strawberry shortcake treats.

• Sip on that: If we had a viewing party, and didn’t make up a drinking game…did we even watch the Oscars? Bottoms up every time someone starts their speech off with a Queen reference! ”He’s just a poor boy…”

• “And the award goes to…”: Offer an award for “Best Dressed PJ” contest. Fancy-up a bottle of Toast with glitter and hand it off in style to the winner. Aren’t we all stars tonight?