Sep 12, 2022

JaM’s New Digital Home!

New look, new features, SAME DELICIOUS WINES!

Around here, we’ve been totally buzzing with excitement as we prepared to launch our ✨shiny new website✨… and it’s finally here. TA-DA!!!

NEW Website Deets: 

You’ll notice that things look a little different around here. Sip back, click around, and stay a while to enjoy the full experience of all that JaM has to offer! From delish wines to music pairings, you’ll notice things like: 

A Warm Welcome–just for YOU!

Now, you can easily scroll down our interactive Butter-yellow homepage to:

Get to Know Your Fave BUTTER Lineup BETTER

You know Butter. You LOVE Butter. But, how well do you KNOW Butter? Time to change that, ButterBabes. With this new website, you’ll notice that each of our wines have a “Tell Me More” button where you’ll get:

  • A Butter idea of what each wine tastes like
  • A recipe that pairs perfectly with each individual wine
  • The activities that are best suited to each wine’s personality
  • A Spotify playlist specifically curated for each wine
  • Which mood your wine is (and honey, they’re ALL a mood)
  • Relevant (and fun!) lifestyle tips + tricks from The Scoop
  • And the movies that we love to watch while sippin each one!

An Easy-to-Navigate “Visit” Page 

  • Reservations for our JaM Cellars wine & music studio made easy with our on-page rezzy widget that gets it done in a snap.
  • Check out what we’re pouring in the studio and preview the tasty JaMBytes menu ahead of your visit!
  • Get a sweet virtual tour from the comfort of your couch, Butter glass in hand.

Ordering is Easier–Check out the Checkout!

Join the JaMClub!

Our new website includes a brand new page for our VIP wine club! Now you can see:

  • Check out the Club benefits
  • See why you wanna to join The JaMClub
  • Preview the exclusive lineup of JaMClub-only Napa Valley wines (errr….yum!)

Keep Your Eyes Peeled + Your Butter Glasses Full

As you can see, we’ve got a lot going on over here, and we’re SOOOO glad you’re along for the ride! Pour a glass, click around and stay a while. 

When you’re done clicking around our new-and-improved website, head on over to @JaMCellars on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and sign up for The Scoop to be in the know on all things wine.