Apr 1, 2021

NEW ButterBot Is At Your (Wine) Service

For Release April 1st 2021 

From the brand that brought you ButterPods, ButterBeats, JaMHappyHour Podcast and the JaM Cellars Alexa skill, we’re thrilled to introduce “ButterBot: the future of in-home wine automation!” With a simple, “Hey Alexa…bring me Butter!” your stylish and obedient ButterBot will be on its way to refill your glass, wherever you are!

JaM Cellars patented technology has developed the world’s first wine delivery robot, customized to serve your wine refill needs from the comfort of your sofa. Over time, our predictive learning technology teaches your ButterBot your ideal refill time and will arrive with a cool refreshing bottle of Butter Chardonnay just as you finish your last sip.

A home without a ButterBot is just a house…automate a life you love with JaM Cellars technology and your favorite wine, Butter Chardonnay.

Only our most dedicated JaMFans will get first access to this limited run of ButterBots. Want yours? Share this article to your Facebook page and we’ll put you on the waitlist to get your ButterBot, FIRST! …After April Fool’s day of course, because this is a joke—We’re winemakers, not robot builders. However, if someone wants to run with this idea, we’ll be your first customer! 🙂

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