Sep 5, 2023

Labor-LESS: Wine-spired Face Masks to Try this Labor Day!

Labor Day

Picture this—sipping on your fave JaM Cellars wines, a cool playlist to create the ultimate chill vibes, and a relaxing at-home spa treatment. At last, paradise has been found: wine-spired Labor Day face masks! Wine-lovers and skin care enthusiasts, get ready to eat your heart out.

Wine-spired face masks to try this Labor Day

The best part? Basically all of these face masks can be made with items found right in your pantry. Each wine-spired face mask will elevate your Labor Day relaxation AND amp up your wine experience by hitting all of your senses! Sip back and prepare to spend your Labor Day weekend in style–JaM Style, that is. 🥂

Summer Glow with Zero Work: Butter Chardonnay-Inspired Face Mask 

Get your glow on with a lush Butter Chardonnay inspired face mask! This soothing mask can be whipped up in two minutes with just three ingredients—which means less work and more play. Sip on classic deeelish Butter Chardonnay and take in all the fruity, creamy, and rich notes in the wine and the mask.

Grab a bowl and mix up a few tablespoons of raw honey, one egg white, the juice of half a lemon and whisk away. Relax for 15 minutes with this mask that mirrors Butter’s creamy and fruity notes. Rinse with warm water and enjoy the glow. It’s a sweet, labor-less treat that will leave your skin as luminous as those fading summer skies. 


Spa Day Vibes: JaM Cabernet-Inspired Face Mask 

Dreaming of a glowing spa day with minimal effort? Say hello to our JaM Cabernet-inspired face mask. Experience maximum luxury with this soothing mask while sipping on rich JaM Cabernet.

Combine a little fresh, mashed-up strawberry, some cocoa powder, and spoonful of honey for a face mask that captures JaM Cabernet’s juicy fruit notes and hints of cocoa. The cocoa will help renew and rejuvenate while the honey will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. This weekend, spend more time sipping on your fav wines and less time laboring!


Bubbly Freshness with Ease: Butter Bubbles Face Mask 

Bring on the bubbly and let’s get down to fizz-ness!

Pay homage to our bubbly bestie, creami-licious Butter Bubbles, with a fizzy facemask! This two-ingredient face scrub combines 2 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp warm water that will leave you glowing. Apply the fizzy paste to your skin and rub in circular motions.  Rinse with warm water, pat dry, and enjoy that supa-fresh feeling! Enjoy the sensation from the fizz on your skin and in your glass with Butter Bubbles.


Effortless Revitalization: Butter Cab Coffee Scrub 

Craving an exfoliating and cleansing face mask? This Butter Cab inspired coffee scrub will leave you feeling smooth, revitalized, and ready for the day.

Channel the earthy notes of Butter Cab with this coffee face scrub scrub that rejuvenates your skin with minimal effort. Combine one tablespoon of ground coffee and one tablespoon of melted coconut oil and mix until combined. Add a dash of cherry essential oil for a fruity pop, just like Butter Cab! Use on your face and body during your shower and you’ll be left silky smooth and smelling deeelish.


Speaking of low-effort, did you know you can have your favorite wines delivered straight to your door?

And yeah, it might be the “official” end of summer, but around here the party is just getting started! From all of us here at JaM Cellars, we wish you a very relaxing, very refreshing Labor Day weekend! 🇺🇸🎉🥂