Apr 25, 2019

Is it Wine O’Clock yet?

When the clock strikes Wine, you know that it’s Butter time. It’s official: studies show that drinking a glass (or two) of wine tops the list of “Life’s Little Pleasures,” with 65% of America voting it in the Top 20 best little treats. We couldn’t agree more!

You know what they say… We hear it’s always “5 O’Clock somewhere,” but it turns out that 6:59 pm is officially America’s preferred time to enjoy a glass of wine. You’ve got that right! And we’re not saving it just for the weekend either. You can find almost half of wine-drinkers in the US enjoying a glass during the week as well.

The jury is still out on what is more enjoyable…51% of our fellow American wine-drinkers choose to open a bottle for some “me-time” when Wine O’Clock strikes. But Wine Time can also be more fun with your other half- whether that’s your sweetheart, your bestie, or your sister!

If you had to pick the best spot to enjoy a glass wine, where would you go? When it’s officially #WineOClock (hello 6:59pm!) here are our favorite ways to enjoy a glass and quality time with those near and dear to our wine-loving hearts.

Butter + Solo +  On The Couch

When you finally have the house to yourself…you know what to do. Bring on the Netflix and Chill and leave the pants behind. Butter is your bestie for the night, and that wine-d down time is essential!

Wine Talk: If I could only drink one wine forever, would I drink Butter or Candy? (*hint, you might need to taste both side by side…you know, to make sure you’re SURE about your answer*)

JaM + Your Sister + At The Kitchen Table

JaM Cab is better when it’s shared with the one girl that always had your back. How many secrets have been shared over a glass (ok, a few glasses) of wine? Your sister knows your best dirt, but she’ll never tell. Unless you drink the last glass of JaM without her…

Wine Talk: If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

California Candy + With Your Bestie + By The Pool

We want Candy Dry Rosé, and we want it in a bikini. Who says you can’t have it all? Nothing goes better than your bestie, some rosé, and time spent lounging by the pool.

Wine Talk: What is more essential for a festival-ready wardrobe…the perfect sunnies, or a fabulous pair of shoes?

Toast + Your Sweetheart + While Cooking Dinner

Who says sparkling wine needs an occasion? Make a Tuesday night special with your sweetheart by cooking up a meal, raising a Toast, and celebrating the fact that you don’t have to go a day without wine! We’ll cheers to that!

Wine Talk: If you could plan the perfect Friday night, what would be it…dressing it down with a little Netflix and Chill, or pulling out the stops for a night on the town?

So now that it’s official, don’t forget to mark your daily calendar with Wine O’Clock, grab your fave bottle and catch up on the quality time with yourself or your best ButterLovers to wind down your day. Curious about how everyone else is enjoying their Wine O’Clock? Check out the survey results here!

We know you won’t forget when the time comes…but just in case, make sure you tag #WineOClock and #ButterChardonnay while you’re sipping to enter to win our darling Butter Clock and never miss a glass again!