Mar 15, 2022

Brunch is Better with #Butter

Spring has sprung, and who else is totally egg-cited for Easter weekend?

Whether you’re celebrating with your friends, your family, or flying solo for Easter, we have a few ways to make your Easter Brunch even Butter this year. Stream our Bubbles Brunch Playlist right now and sip while you sift through a few of our favorite Easter ideas.

Make a #Butter Mimosa Bar

Mimosas are a Sunday staple. But why not take your Easter Sunday to the next level with a full mimosa bar spread? Stocked with plenty of chilled Butter Bubbles, fresh juices, and fun fruits to add to your flutes, a DIY mimosa bar will be the perfect choice for any Easter brunch–adding a little extra fizz to your already fuzzy Easter Bunny day.

Here are some fun ideas for your #Butter mimosa bar:

  • Mango Peach MimosaThe combination of peach and mango juice is delectably addicting. This mimosa is your newest obsession!
  • Blood Orange MimosaTake your classic mimosa to the next level with blood orange juice! Plus add a blood orange slice to your glass for some extra flair.
  • Lavender Lemon MimosaThis mimosa is perfect for spring: fresh lemonade, Butter Bubbles, and a sprig of lavender. Boom!
  • Sherbet MimosaYes, it’s time to level-up your mimosa bar with a delicious scoop of sherbet (we suggest raspberry) for an extra creamy mimosa! Top with Butter Bubbles and add in fresh raspberries for extra pizazz—now that’s bliss.
  • Strawberry Grapefruit MimosaA refreshing combination of flavors. Grab your cocktail shaker and combine grapefruit juice and strawberry slices to infuse those flavors before adding your Butter Bubbles. Deeeelish!

Organize an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Who ever said Easter egg hunts are only for kids? Wine not join in on the fun?

Adult Easter egg hunts can be just as easy to set up as the kid’s version, simply swapping out candy for cash, notes of gratitude, mini scratch-offs, boozy jelly beans or better yet: Butter Cans.

Play a game of “Who Hid the Butter” and hide a bunch of ButterCans around your yard for your lucky (adult) guests to find.

Even if you decide to keep things traditional and you just fill them with regular Easter candy, it will still be a fun game for the adults to play (especially after a few trips to the #Butter mimosa bar).

Make a Waffle Charcuterie Board

Love waffles? Well, your waffle obsession is about to get a whole lot more intense…

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, we all have those mornings where we want to make something extra special, without spending hours in the kitchen. A waffle charcuterie board is going to be a lifesaver on Easter morning; it’s fun to make and comes together quickly! If you’re looking for some inspo, here’s a great how-to from The Kitchen Divas.

You can include some traditional waffle toppings–like chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, and Nutella–as well as alternative toppings–like sliced almonds, shredded coconut, fried eggs, and even steak. Don’t like the idea of waffles on your brunch charcuterie board? No problem. Try cinnamon rolls! Or an avocado toast board. Just add Butter Bubbles!

Speaking of brunch…

JaM Along to Our Butter Bubbles Brunch Playlist

We have the perfect background music for your next bubbly brunch–but especially for your Easter Sunday brunch!

You bring the mimosas and waffles; we’ll bring the tunes.

Tune in and sip on our Bubbles Brunch Playlist all day! Make sure to stock up on #ButterBubbles before you brunch, and if you run out, don’t worry! We’re easy to spot at your local wine retailer or have a case of wine delivered straight to your door in under 60 minutes with our awesome delivery partners.

Have an egg-cellent Easter, JaM Family!