Jul 22, 2020

Butter & BFF’s Deserve Their Own Day!

National Girlfriends Day

Butter and BFFs make the world go round and National Girlfriends Day, Saturday, August 1st is the day to celebrate. Our girlfriends are our sanity-savers, secret-keepers and wine-drinking besties, so a whole day to celebrate all the good times is certainly in order! Here’s how to show her some love, Butter-style.

Send A Sip

Apart from your bestie? Stock up at home and send a surprise same-day wine delivery with just a couple of clicks (link to Buy page) and book a happy hour Zoom date.

Sip Together

Invite your girlfriend over to share a bottle of Butter or a 4-pack of ButterCans for a little extra. Whether you’re new friends or old, there is always something new to learn about each other! Dive deeper with some of these questions for besties.

Sip and Shop

Missing the mall with your girlfriends? We love a little Saturday sip’n’shop action, but there’s no reason not to take it online and check out Summer sales or future Fall fashions.

Sip and Swap

Jump on the KonMari bandwagon and declutter your closet with a swap party. Take some tips from a Beautiful Mess on creating a seamless swap. Sell unwanted items to raise cash for your next girlfriends adventure and let your inner fashionista and Butter Chardonnay flow freely!

Sip and Slumber

You’re never too old for a sleepover with your best girlfriends. Get in your PJs, pop the popcorn and pour the Butter for a PJs and Movie Night. Choose from our favorite Top 10 movies to watch with your girlfriends:

  1. Bridesmaids
  2. Confessions Of A Shopaholic
  3. Ocean’s 8
  4. Bride Wars
  5. Hustlers
  6. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  7. Uptown Girls
  8. John Tucker Must Die
  9. What A Girl Wants
  10. Whip It

The world is Butter with you in it, babe. Cheers to best girlfriends now and forever!